Listservs are a vital communication tool in the Eller College.

All students need to subscribe to a list as all important academic and registration information is sent over listservs, as well as information on club events, internships, scholarship opportunities, and careers.

Registering for an Email Account

To maintain your list membership, you must have a valid account. To obtain an account, you must first have a UA NetID.

Then follow these steps:

  • Go to this URL:
  • Click on the Create your UA Email and other UITS computer accounts link.
  • Follow the prompts to create an email account.
  • Continue the process, selecting your account name and password. Document those for future reference and store this information in a secure place to prevent unauthorized access to your account. Your account will be kept active as long as you are enrolled at UA, or under an official leave of absence.


Adding Yourself to an Eller College Listserv

The names of the lists are ACCT, BMGT, BNAD, BNEC, FIN, MIS, MKTG, OPER, and PRBN (Pre-Business). Select the name which corresponds to your major. Students who don't yet have professional admission must select the PRBN listserv, as certain messages are sent only to this list. You may also subscribe to a "major" list, if you like.

To subscribe:

  • Access your account. You will be prompted for the account name and password which you selected when you set up your account.
  • Select Compose Mail to send a message to
  • In the body of the message include the following text:

SUB listname Firstname Lastname

where "listname" is one of the lists given above and "Firstname Lastname" represents your first and last names. For example,


would subscribe John Doe to the list for marketing majors. Individual departments send information according to major; the College sends all information to all major lists.


Forwarding Your UA Email to a Non-UA Account

We encourage you not to forward your UA email account to other email providers (i.e. Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL, etc.) as often times our messages do not forward easily. Since the listserv is a College-wide communication tool and a bulk message, other email providers often kick back our messages or immediately send it to your trash folders. We hope that you receive all important messages and encourage you to check your UA email account daily.


To Remove Yourself from a List

Send a message to with the message: SIGNOFF listname where "listname" is the name of the list you are currently on.


For additional information, please visit Eller IT or visit