Email Policy

It is essential that all Eller students check their official University email account on a frequent and regular basis in order to stay current with UA- and College-related communications.

Be advised that you are responsible for all University information sent to you personally or over a listserv.

The advantage of using your University email is that you can read and send messages through CatMail, powered by Google. Log into CatMail.

The Undergraduate Programs Office has noticed that more and more students have begun to forward their University email to a variety of non-UA accounts. This has begun to present problems. College messages have been bounced back due to large text files and errors in students forwarding email, and the College has received several "Mailbox Full" and "User Unknown" messages. As a result, important academic information has not been received by several students. The most important reason for this policy is that we are able to verify through the University Information System that an account truly belongs to you. This adds enhanced security for providing you with information and ensuring that email we receive actually originated from your password-protected account.

The Undergraduate Programs Office will not be responsible for the handling of email by outside vendors. The Undergraduate Programs Offices will only use accounts to communicate with students.

If you request assistance from advisors or any of the Undergraduate Programs staff via email, you will need to email us from your account to be assured a response. As a result, you can expect a more reliable source for receiving important messages from us.

Email is a mechanism for official communication within the University of Arizona and the Eller College. It is imperative that students receive and read communications from the University and College in a timely fashion. Be conscientious about using and maintaining your official University email account, and reviewing messages at least every other day.


For additional information, please visit Eller IT.