Eller Marketing Protocols

Flyer, Poster, and Banner Guidelines for Eller Student Organizations

Eller student organizations must follow these marketing protocols when advertising their organizations and events at McClelland Hall:

Put It on a Grey Board

  • Student organizations may hang flyers and/or posters on any gray fabric board in McClelland Hall’s first floor classrooms and/or hallway. Staples work better than push pins or thumb tacks on the gray fabric boards.

Show It's Eller

  • Including “Eller Student Organization” on the bottom right corner of the flyer or poster will help custodians recognize that your posting is permitted on the gray fabric boards.

If It's Not Eller, Don't Post It

  • Only flyers from UA-related entities are to be posted in McClelland Hall. No commercial flyers are permitted. As an exception, recruiters may advertise on-campus recruiting dates.

Tape is Bad!

  • Do not hang any flyers and/or posters on any surface that requires tape (this includes walls, doors, windows, columns, floors, elevators, mirrors, etc)- Any student organization that hangs flyers and/or posters in these locations will be asked to remove them immediately and will be responsible for any damages or charges incurred.

Banners Need Approval

  • Banners that need to be hung must be approved by Eller's director of facilities, Gina Wallen.

In the Estes Atrium

  • One flyer may also be posted on the small portable bulletin board in the Estes Atrium, McClelland Hall second floor. Push pins work best on this board.

Reduce, Reuse, Remove

  • Flyers are removed when event date has passed. If a flyer has no event date or cannot be recognized as UA-related, it may be removed at any time.

The Policy Rules

  • If you see something posted in way that does not conform to this policy, it does not mean that the policy has changed. You must still follow this policy when hanging flyers, banners, and posters at McClelland Hall.


For more information, please contact eller.feso@gmail.com.