Highly Engaging Courses in Management Information Systems

 Highly engaging courses in Management Information Systems include:

MIS 441, Systems Analysis and Design

Students work in teams to create a technology solution for a real client based on the client’s technology needs.  The client can be a for-profit business, volunteer organization, non-profit, or community group.  Students write up a request for proposal (RFP) based on what the client proposes and it is signed by students and client contact.  Students have to talk to multiple stakeholders to develop a customer profile and value proposition to address the job's pains and gains from interviewing the various people who work with or for the client.  They diagram the workflow and develop a use case diagram and description, as well as other optional UML diagrams.  All student groups create a low-fidelity prototype so that clients can see what the students are recommending and offer feedback.   Results are presented to the client, and the final paper is written and delivered to the client.  Students also have many opportunities to view other student groups’ works to learn from them, as well as to offer feedback.

MIS 478, Project Management

Project Management is the application of knowledge, analytical skills, scheduling software tools and techniques related to various project activities in order to meet project requirements. This course specifically addresses the nine project management "knowledge areas", the five project management "process groups" and the 4-way constraints of project management (i.e., scope, time, cost, quality). Graduate-level requirements include an additional term paper or team-based PM Project with a real organization. You will learn the life cycle of project management from initiating to closing. You will learn to identify the critical path of a project, compress a schedule under budget constraints, use Earned-Value Management techniques, and conduct risk analysis for project management. You will be exposed to multiple scenarios that require you to make decisions based on scope, resources and schedules. 

University of Arizona Students Accelerate Technology Adoption in the Classroom

Eller pre-business freshman Honors students were challenged to think as business entrepreneurs and propose how cutting-edge apps and other web-based resources can be used in a variety of classes in colleges across campus.  MIS 111 Honors Students assisted a number of faculty members in evaluating the use of twenty-six new technologies in a variety of classes across the University of Arizona campus. As a result MIS 111 Honors  is teaching students engaging habits to innovate and create new technologies in education in preparation for future transcriptable engagement coursework.




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