Highly Engaging Courses in Marketing

Some examples of highly engaging courses in Marketing include:

 MKTG 452 Integrated Marketing Communications

This class explores the variety of components that represent the promotional aspect of the Promotional Mix which includes advertising, sales promotion, public relations, and personal selling. The semester includes a real-life project to which the students can apply what have been learned in the classroom to an actual marketing problem or opportunity. Early in the semester, students are broken into groups or "agencies." At about the same time, a Tucson or Phoenix based company who has agreed to be the sponsor for the project, comes to class and presents its particular problem or opportunity. Student groups--all of which have the same challenge assignment, have the remainder of the semester to develop and then ultimately present their group's plan in a semester-ending presentation to the organization. To help the student groups marry the course material to the project, after each major section of course content, in-class time is devoted to the groups to determine what might be appropriate to include in their proposals. In the end, the course combines both experiential learning with traditional course work in an experience that also provides an entry onto the student's resume.




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