Leadership Opportunities

Leadership Opportunities

Learn to be a future business leader by getting engaged some of the following opportunities:

Eller Leadership and Integrity Training for Excellence (ELITE) 
ELITE is a year-long intensive program for pre-business freshmen at the University of Arizona. The program meets weekly, and consists of a series of professional development workshops, Apprentice-style challenges, philanthropy events, and networking opportunities. The activities of the ELITE Program are led by the Eller Leadership Board, a group of ELITE alumni and leaders within the Eller community.


Pre-Business Academic Communities of Excellence (P.A.C.E.) - Themed Communities 
Pre-Business freshmen are given an amazing opportunity to live, learn, and socialize with their peers inside the classroom and in their residence hall community. 


Wall Street Scholars Program (WSSP)

The Wall Street Scholars Program (WSSP) is a highly competitive and comprehensive program designed to help students earn internships on Wall Street. In collaboration with the Eller College Finance Department, Eller Professional Development Center, and alumni, the WSSP helps bridge the gap between the academic and professional skills needed to land internships on Wall Street. The aim of this program is to place students in revenue generating divisions across major market cities. Through a rigorous and structured program, students will develop the key traits and knowledge needed to land internships within major financial institutions.



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