What is FESO?

Investments Club tableThe Federation of Eller Student Organizations (FESO) was created in the Spring of 2003 and is designed to be a member organization dedicated to the support of Eller College undergraduate students in their pursuit of co-curricular knowledge, skills, leadership and community activities.

FESO Eligibility

Student organizations are eligible to join FESO if they are recognized by the ASUA and have a  significant proportion of their mission dedicated to furthering the interest of students studying business. Specifically, 80% of the organization's members must be business or pre-business majors or minors. 


Benefits of FESO

Student organizations that join FESO will benefit from the following:

  • Administrative support and guidance
  • Assistance with room scheduling
  • Marketing services — Eller College listserv announcements, meeting announcements, bulletin boards, digital signage and involvement fairs
  • Resource and equipment rental assistance for events, fundraisers and recruiting
  • Rental of storage space and a mail collection


Joining FESO

Student organizations may apply for FESO status with the above eligibility through the following process.

  • Proof of Concept –

    With the large influx of student clubs and organizations already involved with the Eller College, we want to
    ensure that new clubs being established under FESO are different than the already existing clubs, have
    enough student interest, and a solidified plan for execution. Below are the important materials needed and
    requirements for new clubs:

    1. ASUA Recognition
    The first prerequisite to getting FESO recognized is first gaining ASUA Recognition. ASUA recognition is
    usually open for a few weeks at the beginning and end of each semester. Clubs not ASUA recognized
    will not be considered for FESO.
    2. Cover Letter
    Students trying to create a new club will need to submit a 1-page cover letter identifying the benefits
    of their club to students, differentiation from other existing FESO organizations, the business purpose
    of the club, and reason for wanting to be FESO recognized.
    How are we quantifying:
    The decision on whether to accept new organizations based on whether they are different enough
    from already existing ones and have met the requirements that quantify them as true Eller
    organization with a business purpose will be decided by a majority vote from the following voting
    - FESO Student Coordinator
    - Leadership and Engagement Coordinator
    - Manager of Events, Leadership, &
    - Associate Dean of Undergraduate
    - Reps from potentially related
    If the voting committee accepts the new club in the Federation of Eller Student
    Organizations, the founders will need to provide documentation needed for recognition-

    3. Membership Requirements
    Every successful club must have enough students who are interested and an executive board. New
    clubs will need to indicate:
    - At least 10 people interested in joining the club (80% must be Pre-business or Eller Students)
    - 3 people willing to serve on executive board (President, Treasurer, & 1 other position)
    - No more 30% of your charter members can be graduating Seniors
    4. Club Constitution
    This constitution must follow the ASUA guidelines outlined on their club recognition website AND add a
    segment about the FESO responsibilities of the club (see appendix 1).
    5. Advisor
    Each club is required to have a faculty advisor, to be FESO recognized this person must be Eller Faculty
    or Staff. If you already have a non-Eller advisor, we ask that you find a faculty member in the college
    to support your club as well.
    6. Semester Plan
    We want to understand your plan for the long term of your club. As part of the recognition process we
    are requiring a semester calendar that outlines the type of meetings, activities, and other important
    club dates that will take place this semester. This should also serve as a way for us to tell interested
    students what to expect!

    New clubs will be on a probationary period for 2 semesters after they are recognized, this will require
    you to abide by the following attendance policy, maintain excellent communication with FESO, and stay
    on good terms with the UA, ASUA, and Eller.
    7. Required Attendance
    FESO Holds several meetings throughout the year for all club members. Your club must send club
    representatives for the following events, which will be required for all new clubs:

    Send at least 1 representative to: 

    - Executive Board Training
    - Presidents’ Dinner with Deans
    - Executive Board Mixer 
    - Presidents’ Brunch
    - Spring Follow-Up Meeting
    - All Monthly Forums
    - Reverse Career Fair (Showcase & Expo)
    - Eller Make a Difference Day
    - Fall & Spring Club Fairs
    - Any other large FESO events taking place that year*

Email proposal to FESO Student Coordinator at eller.feso@gmail.com

Membership Commitment

Student organizations that join FESO will be responsible for the following:

  • Maintain yearly recognition with ASUA.
  • Submit all fully completed forms/renewal requests at the end of each each Fall/Spring: FESO Application,  and a current constitution must be on file.
  • Maintain current organization and member information; updated information must be regularly reported to the FESO Student Coordinator.
  • Pay all dues for the following academic year. Late fees apply for all dues submitted after this date.
  • Club presidents and one additional e-board member must attend scheduled FESO events.
  • Officers in FESO organizations must maintain good academic standing within the Eller College and the University of Arizona (including but not limited to grade point average, academic integrity, code of conduct, etc.).
  • All FESO members understand that they represent the positive image of the Eller College and The University of Arizona at all times. Illegal behavior including member hazing could result in a code of conduct case and/or revocation of FESO membership.
  • Club information, Standards of Excellence and other reporting requirements must be submitted by the applicable deadlines each semester. Reporting will be used for the selection of the Outstanding Student Organizations of the Year Awards, which will be presented at the Night with the Stars Awards Banquet in May.

FESO Membership Cycle

The FESO membership cycle is one full academic year beginning in summer and continuing through the fall and spring semesters.


FESO Activities

Fall Semester

  • Fall Club Fair
  • President's Dinner with the Dean
  • FESO E-Board Mixer
  • Eller Expo Reverse Club Fair
  • Eller Make A Difference Day
  • FESO Forums & Training

Spring Semester

  • Spring Club Fair
  • Presidents' Brunch
  • Club Showcase Reverse Club Fair
  • #FESOweek
  • FESO Forums & Training

FESO Technology

  • All FESO members will be asked to maintain up-to-date web pages with a direct link to this website: ugrad.eller.arizona.edu/student/feso



Student organizations that join FESO will be responsible for paying $125 in dues for each full academic year. Membership dues are waived for the first full academic year/semester for new organizations.

FESO dues are collected in May and will provide the organization with formal recognition as an Eller student organization and all the benefits

A $25 late fee will be added to the regular $125 FESO dues if they are submitted after the deadline.

Dues go toward the following items to support student leadership activities:

  • Use of equipment, technology and supplies
  • Club Banners and marketing support/materials 
  • Formal recognition as an Eller student organization
  • FESO Events

Acceptable Forms of Payment

Payment of your FESO dues may be made by check or money order. Cash cannot be accepted.

Checks or money orders should be made out to The University of Arizona Foundation. The foundation is wholly dedicated to supporting the University and is preferred partner for the deposit of funds for student programs.


FESO 2016-2017 Club Awards

FESOOn behalf of the Eller College of Management, Eller Undergraduate Programs, and the Federation of Eller Student Organizations….

Congratulations to FESO 2016-2017 Club Award Winners!

Outstanding Clubs

Outstanding Small Club – AdCats

Outstanding Large Club – Sports Marketing Association 

Other Awards and Recognitions

Best Philanthropy – Multicultural Business Student Association (MBSA)

Best Eller Event – Eller African American Honorary (EAAH)

FESO Mentorship Award – Eller Transfer Ambassadors

Return on Investment Award – Eller Professional Sales Club

Best Online Presence  – Eller African American Honorary (EAAH) 

Marketing/PR Award – Association of Latino Professionals for America (ALPFA)

Collaboration Award – Alpha Kappa Psi 

Innovation Award- Commercial Real Estate Club (CREC)

Outstanding Club President- Tripp Twyman- Eller African American Honorary

Outstanding Club Advisor- Dave Wietecha- Eller Ambassadors

Start Up Award- Eller Social Media Club

Thank you all for your hard work this year, giving back to the Eller College, and enhancing the Eller Experience for every single one of your members.


Additional Resources


For additional information, please contact FESO Student Coordinator, Dillon Alexander, at eller.feso@gmail.com.