Eller Leadership Board

Eller Leadership Board student membersWhat is the Eller Leadership Board?

The Eller Leadership Board is responsible for guiding the direction and activities of the ELITE Program. Board members' experience provides practical and hands on knowledge of leadership within Eller.

The ELITE Program presents an opportunity for pre-business freshmen to network among peers and develop connections that will help them achieve success in their upper division Eller College experience and professional career.


Eller Leadership Board Members


  • Caleb Ferganchick
  • Alex Huhn
  • Kevin Johnson
  • Margo Mesch
  • Melissa Rose


  • Fabio Mire, President


  • Zayra Badachi
  • Esteban Dominguez-Ciscomani
  • Jordan Gaylor
  • Almag Paz
  • Amanda Robinson
  • Bailey Wheeler




For additional information, please email Andrea Wright, Eller Leadership Board/ELITE Advisor.