FESO Club Resources

Throughout the year, we send out a lot of club information and resources to our FESO Organizations over email. These materials are used to help us keep track of your club's activities and changes that happen in each semester, but their main purpose is to keep everyone on the same page. Below are some of the resources that are most commonly asked for or utilized each semester: 

FESO Calendars

Each semester we create a calendar with FESO events, deadlines, and important dates. Below you can download the calendar for this semester in a monthly calendar view or list-view:

Spring 2016 Monthly Calendar Download: 

Spring Monthly Calendar 2016

Spring 2016 List View Download: 

Spring List Calendar 2016

Annual Reports & Standards of Excellence

 At the end of the spring semester, we ask clubs to submit their Annual Reports and Standards of Excellence. We use these to get a better insight into what the clubs are doing throughout the year and determine club awards, including Outstanding Club Awards which will be announced in April.
These Items are both due at the March FESO Forum, this year taking place on March 25th, 2016.

Standards of Excellence

We hope that you are keeping track of your club activities in order to provide an accurate report at the end of the year and win an award! To get you started you can view and download the Standards of Excellence excel sheet with the link below. This our most objective way for us to measure your performance, as it gives you a score out of 100!

Standards of Excellence Excel

Annual Reports 

Annual reports are the 2nd component of the materials we collect at the end of the year. Each club is required to submit an annual report in the Spring. Though adding your own style to the report is encouraged, it is not mandatory. We are looking at content! 
Below are some of our strong examples of past annual reports:

Eller Ambassadors 2010-2011
Beta Alpha Psi 2011-2012
Management Information Systems Association 2012-2013
Eller College Student Council 2013-2014
Eller Hispanic Honorary 2014-2015

If you have never created an annual report, here is a very simple template that should help guide you:

Annual Report Template

Executive Board Update Reporting 

Whenever your club has a change in leadership, new officers, or ones that are leaving we want you to report them! Follow the link below to navigate to the Executive Board Update form. If you are reporting a single position, just fill out the form and submit. If you just had elections are and are reporting a major change, please fill out the excel template at the bottom of the form, upload, and submit. 

Executive Board Update Form


We send out FESO and club  events, important materials, and more through our LIST-SERVE. If you are a club member and want to receive the FESO Newsletter with all of these awesome opportunities, subscribe using the form below: 


*You can sign up as an individual, or submit up to 10 at a time.
**You need an active email account (preferably UA email) to register. 

To unsubscribe from an existing LISTSERVE follow the instructions here.

 Fall Goal Setting & Spring Follow-Ups

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Past Newsletters

Every other week we send out a FESO newsletter to let you know about FESO overall updates, special opportunities, club involvement, and happenings around Eller.
Past newsletters are linked below:

Spring Newsletter #2 - Feb. 11th, 2016
Spring Newsletter #1 - Jan. 27th, 2016


As a club recognized by the Federation of Eller Student Organizations (FESO) & the Associated Students of the University of Arizona (ASUA) you are able to apply for funding through the Eller Student Excellence Fund and the ASUA Appropriations Board. 

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Get FESO Recognized 

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