Highly Engaging Courses in Business Management

Some examples of highly engaging courses in Business Management include:

MGMT 475 Special Topics in Management (Non-Profit Consulting)

This course will provide students with real-world knowledge and experience in management consulting for nonprofit organizations.  Specifically, students work in teams and use their business expertise to consult on projects with nonprofit organizations in the community. This action-based course provides students with the opportunity to work with organizations making a positive impact on the Tucson community. Students will learn through hands-on experiences with actual clients to develop resume building experiences and skills valued in the work place. Focused application of consulting, business-related research, and client management will be the emphasis of this course. 

MGMT 486 Managerial Decision Making

In addition to teaching basic theories, principles, and research findings in judgment and decision making, the class is heavy on applications, and is meant to give the students tools to use in both their professional and personal decisions. Decision making is treated as a skill as a skill, something the students can learn and get better at. Since decision are everywhere… these are useful skills to acquire.



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