Highly Engaging Courses in Business Administration

Highly engaging courses in Business Administration include:

ACCT 400E, Intermediate Accounting for Business Administration Majors

Course Description: This course has two goals. First, students will gain more experience taking business transactions and aggregating them into financial statements. Second, students will learn what types of information about a firm's performance and its strategy can be inferred from reviewing its financial statements.

Course Experiences: In this course, you will learn GAAP and how these policies impact financial statements. You will construct and evaluate income statements, balance sheets and statement of cash flows. You will learn to compute and interpret profitability, turnover, liquidity and solvency. Finally, you will work within a group to analyze the annual report and financial results of a publicly traded company.

BCOM 314R, Business Communication

Course Description: Course intended to introduce students to the strategic nature of business communication. By the end of the course, students should be able to analyze business situations and prepare messages that fulfill all of the intended purposes of their communication, meet the needs and expectations of business audiences, and take into account other relevant contextual factors. Students must have adequate oral and communication skills to be able to effectively focus on developing the higher-order thinking skills that are necessary to succeed in the course. In order to help students devise successful communication strategies, the course will also therefore emphasize the development of these higher-order skills, which include analysis, synthesis, and evaluation.

Course Experience: In this course, you will learn effective communication practices necessary in a professional business setting. For online students you will be engaging in weekly video conference meetings with teammates and the instructor though Cisco WebEx and Google Hangout. 

ENTR 420R, Innovation Principles and Environments

Course Description: Overview of entrepreneurial approach, strategies, and skills within a range of environments to advance technology and innovations. Students can pair ENTR 420R/520R with lab course to develop innovation-specific feasibility study or business plan.

Course Experiences: This course is designed to help you understand the innovation, ideation, entrepreneurship, and successful business models. Through collaboration within a group, you will learn to integrate and apply models of innovation, strategy, problem solving and critical thinking. You will learn to assess feasibility, unique value propositions, business models, pro forma development, and go-to- market solutions. Throughout the course you will work within a group to create a comprehensive business plan and investor pitch video. 

MIS 478, Project Management
Course Description: Project Management is the application of knowledge, analytical skills, scheduling software tools and techniques related to various project activities in order to meet project requirements. This course specifically addresses the nine project management "knowledge areas", the five project management "process groups" and the 4-way constraints of project management (i.e., scope, time, cost, quality). Graduate-level requirements include an additional term paper or team-based PM Project with a real organization.

Course Experiences: You will learn the life cycle of project management from initiating to closing. You will learn to identify the critical path of a project, compress a schedule under budget constraints, use Earned-Value Management techniques, and conduct risk analysis for project management. You will be exposed to multiple scenarios that require you to make decisions based on scope, resources and schedules. 


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