PREMIER: The PACE Freshman Honorary Experience


PREMIER: The PACE Freshman Honorary Experience 

PREMIER is an exclusive opportunity for Pre-Business freshmen to develop professionally, obtain new business and leadership skills, and network with peers and faculty. 

The experience is held in the spring semester and meets once weekly, and consists of a series of workshops and activities facilitated by Peer Academic Leaders and Eller staff. Meetings will take place on Thursdays at 5PM in The Engagement Center (SUMC) so please schedule your classes accordingly.

Who should partake in the PACE Freshman Honorary Experience?

Freshman Pre-Business students who are seeking involvement, leadership opportunities, and to grow through hands on learning should apply to be part of the PREMIER cohort.

Our stakeholders are the PREMIER students who will be able to:

  • Identify within an Eller Pre-Business Community 
  • Demonstrate commitment to an education at the University of Arizona
  • Apply foundational professional skills to a real-life case study
  • Learn Eller Student Scorecard skills of Leadership, Communication, Collaboration, Analytics, Technical Skills, and Experience.  

Application Requirements

  • UA Pre-Business freshman 
  • $75 experience fee upon acceptance into the program
  • Must attend at least 80% of meetings

Applying for PREMIER: The PACE Freshman Honorary Experience

Start your Premier Freshman Honorary Experience by clicking the button below to launch the application by November 14th, 2016

Apply  here for your PREMIER experience 

  • An Eller staff member will contact you regarding next steps for the experience
  • Those selected will be notified by email

Experience Facilitators

  • Pam Perry, Associate Dean, Eller College Undergraduate Programs
  • Stephanie Hanson, Educational Specialist,  Eller College Undergraduate Programs
  • Lauren Findlow, Career Coach, Eller College Undergraduate Programs
  • Marisa Trevino, Leadership & Engagement Coordinator, Eller College Undergraduate Programs


For additional information, please email Stephanie Hanson at