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Looking for outstanding student organizations like Alpha Kappa Psi, Eller College Student Council, Sports Marketing Association, and Professional Women in Business Association? Eller supports a number of academic, professional, and social student organizations.
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The Eller College of Management is committed to providing highly engaging coursework, leadership opportunities, student club involvement, and professional development opportunities for all its students in preparation for careers in business.

100% Engagement

The Eller College of Management recognizes the importance of student engagement, and as part of the University of Arizona's 100% Engagement Initiative, all upper division students in Eller College completing BCOM 314R will receive a notation in their official transcript indicating completion of a highly engaged learning experience. In addition to the BCOM 314R experience, our students are highly engaged in and outside of the classroom through the various opportunities here at The Eller College of Management.

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Students across our majors take highly engaging coursework with real-life application at the Eller College of Management. Click a discipline below to view highly engaging courses:


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Our Diverse Community

At the Eller College, students are valued for their diverse backgrounds and unique talents. Learn more:


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