PACE Theme Community Application

The Pre-Business Academic Communities for Excellence (PACE) offer an amazing opportunity to live, learn, and socialize with your Pre-Business peers. PACE Residential Theme Communities feature a creative and high-energy environment with access to Peer Academic Leaders, Academic Advisors, student-faculty interaction, and professional development opportunities. All Eller Pre-Business first year students are encouraged to apply to be part of these communities.Eller Bound

For the 2017-2018 academic year, PACE Theme Communities will be located in Colonia de La Paz, Coronado Hall, Manzanita-Mohave, and Arbol de la Vida.  Some communities offer more leadership development, but all of the PACE Theme Communities provide social learning communities in which Eller Pre-Business students can work together to be academically successful. 

  • Colonia de la Paz is the most comprehensive, interactive community for Eller Emerging Leaders as the inaugural Pre-Business living learning community.  Colonia de la Paz is at the heart of the Highland residential district, a vibrant area of campus, and is able to accommodate 70 Pre-Business students. In this community, students will be engaged in more structured leadership development opportunities and enroll in a (1-unit) leadership class together (in the fall semester) as a part of this community experience. 
  • Top floor wings in Coronado and Manzanita-Mohave provide ideal locations for Pre-Business students to interact, study, and begin their Eller Experience.  These 'penthouse' PACE Theme Communities will provide you with the opportunity to live in an engaged Pre-Business community and develop study groups for common classes.
  • Honors Pre-Business students will be able to call the top-floor wing of Arbol de la Vida home as they live and learn together. The PACE Theme Community in Arbol de la Vida is for Pre-Business students admitted to The Honors College who are looking to be a part of a larger community of scholars. 

Space is limited, so perspective students are encouraged to apply early to be a part of these PACE Communities. Final deadline to apply is July 19, 2017. Preferred placement among the PACE locations cannot be guaranteed and are dependent on availability. Please note that available spaces are more limited for male applicants.


How to Apply

If you are an entering Pre-Business freshman and are interested in being part of an Eller PACE Community:

  • Submit your housing application and fees to UA Residence Life.
  • Submit the online application form below.

Applications will first be reviewed in January, and will continue to be reviewed on a rolling basis throughout the spring semester and summer until spaces are full.

PACE Communities include: Coronado Hall, Manzanita-Mohave, Colonia de la Paz, and Arbol de la Vida (Honors). Please rank your preferences and fully describe your rationale.
Singly occupancy spaces are extremely limited.
For example, accessibility needs or financial circumstances that might impact which P.A.C.E Theme Community you can most easily participate in.



By submitting this form, I am hereby committing to living in an Eller PACE Theme Community and authorize The University of Arizona Residence Life staff to assign me to the designated residence hall. I understand that I have indicated my preference of PACE Community, but that based on space I might not be assigned to my most preferred community. I also affirm that I have submitted a housing application and $150 non-refundable application fee. I understand that residence hall, floor, and room assignments are based on space availability and are not guaranteed.