Eller Online Undergraduate Curriculum

Eller Online Undergraduate Curriculum

Business careers require broad knowledge and application of critical thinking, data analysis, and global business trends. The Eller Online undergraduate program meets that need through a strong foundation in all of the business specialties.

Pre-business students begin their academic journey by completing prerequisite business courses that build a strong foundation in business. Pre-business curriculum includes coursework in management information systems, calculus, accounting, economics, business statistics, business analytics, and business communications. A student's primary goal at the pre-business phase is to complete university general education requirements and Eller foundation requirements. Pre-business students are preparing for the Eller Professional Admissions process -- which is the gateway into the upper-division Professional phase.

Once a student earns Professional Admissions, they are transitioned into the professional phase of their Eller Experience and will begin coursework to complete the Business Administration major.  The Business administration major is made up of professional core courses and major courses. Professional core courses include business communication, marketing, management, management information systems, finance, economics, operations, and business law and ethics. Major courses include marketing analytics, financial accounting, real estate, project management, the economics of business decisions, human resources, and innovation.

Across all phases of the Eller Online Undergraduate program our students work with dynamic faculty and high-quality student peers who enrich the course experience. Wherever possible our courses are augmented by real-world projects or team collaborations. The combination of applied projects and the broad analytical framework of the curriculum appeals to employers and students alike.

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