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Global Business Program

Logo: Global Business Program The Global Business Program (GBP) is a “customized” 18 unit Thematic minor program that Eller College students can work towards completing during their time at the University of Arizona. The GBP compliments the experience of students who study abroad, as well as students who have an interest in international business.

The GBP is open only to Eller College students interested in acquiring knowledge specific to the global business environment and allows students to add an international dimension to their Eller College major.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Open to all Eller students including Pre-business
  • Applications are accepted on a rolling basis
GBP Unit Requirements

GBP Required Core Courses (not sequential)
BNAD 449 - Includes a Mexico Study Tour to Guadalajara & Puerto Vallarta in Fall semester
BNAD 450 - Spring semester

GBP Electives
One Upper Division (3 units)
Three Lower Division (9 units)

*GBP Required courses can only be taken once students are admitted to the Eller Professional Program.

GBP Elective Requirements
  • Students are encouraged to take GBP electives prior to applying or while abroad
  • Pre-approved GBP electives can be found here: Electives
GBP Elective Unit Policy
  • Tier One Gen Ed's cannot be used towards GBP electives
  • Tier Two Gen Ed courses can be used to count towards GBP electives
    • However, only two of these classes can "double dip"
  • No "double-dipping" of upper division Eller College courses for GBP electives, but students are strongly encouraged to take their major specific international elective

Global Business Program Application

Please fill out the form below to apply to the Global Business Program.


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Please rate your language skills between 1 and 5; 1 being elementary, 3 being approximately 4th semester college proficiency and 5 being native ability. Include English for non-native speakers.

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Language 3 (if applicable)
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Please note BNAD 449 – Mexico Study Tour: This core Global Business Program course, offered during fall semesters, has a 5-day study tour to Mexico associated with it.  The cost of the study tour, per student, is currently $1,200, subject to change. The tour cost is included as a course fee for BNAD 449.

Please check the box below that you have read this information and will participate in the study tour to Mexico.


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