Degree Checks

To complete a degree check, complete the form below to initiate the process. Once you submit the form, schedule an advising appointment with your assigned major advisor.

In order to graduate, an official degree check must be filed to state your intention to graduate. Degree checks should be completed one semester prior to when you plan to graduate. The final deadline without a late fee is September 1 for December graduates and February 1 for May graduates.

We highly encourage you to complete a degree check as soon as possible. If you complete your degree check after this deadline, you will be charged a $50 late fee.


It is also helpful for you to update your address in UAccess to ensure that your diploma will be sent to the correct address. Diplomas are typically sent to your "Permanent" or "Diploma" address two to three weeks after grades are posted from your final academic semester or after Summer Session II if you are completing courses at any time during the summer. To edit or view your addresses, log into UAccess.

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For additional information, please contact us.