London Internship

London, England
Program Details 

Application Deadline:
February 2019
Payment Deadline:
April 2019
Program Dates:
June 2019 - August 2019
Cost: TBD

Costs include: Tuition, housing and internship placement, British life and culture course, orientation and program of activities and subsidized extracurricular activities, local transportation pass (zones 1 and 2), and medical/accident Insurance
Cost does not include: Roundtrip airfare, meals, visa processing fee, and personal expenses

For More Information:
Kevin Lundeberg

Offered through a partnership with the Foundation for International Education:

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London, England

Info Session: TBD in McClelland Hall 201B (Hagenah Seminar Room)

 The London Internship Program is a eight-week summer program administered by Eller in partnership with the Foundation for International Education (FIE).

This program offers a study and work experience in the historic city of London, England. It combines an unpaid internship, a course in British Life and Culture, and various cultural excursions throughout the city.

Internship Placement

London summer internships are unpaid and placements are made with an emphasis on balancing the needs of the student with those of the organization.

An important aspect of this program is flexibility. London, as the largest city in Europe, and perhaps the most influential city among the world capitals, offers infinite possibilities for prospective interns. If you are too narrow in where you would like to work or what you hope to accomplish, you will greatly limit your ability to successfully place you in an internship. Relevant academic studies or work experience in the field of the internship for which you are applying is required.

During the spring semester students work with the Internship Placement Coordinator in London regarding the placement process. Final selection will be made in London on the basis of interviews with the FIE internship coordinator and the supervisor at the internship placement site.

Applicants are guaranteed an interview at a placement site, secured on the basis of interest and qualifications described on the submitted application. On-site interviews normally occur during the first week of the program. Specific placements cannot be guaranteed in advance, but every effort is made to place students in an organization that relates to his or her area of interest, experience, and education.

Program Administration

The program is administered by the FIE. The London Study Center consists of classrooms, computer facilities, and administrative offices. The office is staffed with several coordinators that:

  • Arrange the internship placements
  • Assign and maintain student housing
  • Supervise the academic program
  • Provide and support student related activities

Summer Internship Housing

Students live in shared room accommodations in apartments within the Kensington area. FIE assigns the accommodations, all of which are within a ten-minute walk from classes and student services. All students will become members of the Imperial College Student Union and thus have access to numerous sports facilities as well as other British student services.

Academic Credit

Students are considered UA students while abroad and are registered for English 260 (3 units) and BNAD 393 Internship credit (3 units).

  • Earn BNAD 393 Internship credit (3 units) that may be applied to the Global Business minor and English 260 (3 units) that may be applied to the Tier Two Humanities General Elective requirement.
  • English 260: Major British Writers (3 units) that may be applied to the Tier Two Humanities General Elective requirement and also be used for the Global Business Program.

Eligibility and Application Process

  • Minimum GPA of 3.0 
  • Valid Passport

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 For additional information, please contact Kevin Lundeberg.