Polaris Eller Alumni Board

Interested in applying to Polaris?

Deadline: Sunday, April 7, 2019 by midnight.

If you are interested in applying to be part of the Polaris Eller Alumni Board, follow these steps:

  1. Fill out and complete the online application here
  2. Submit a resume (via email to ellerpolaris@gmail.com) no later than Sunday, April 7, 2019 by midnight.

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The Polaris Eller Alumni Board is an organization designed for the most committed, disciplined, and motivated students interested in growing their professional network, as well as fostering their abilities in academics and business relations with our alumni.


The Polaris Eller Alumni Board creates opportunities, adds value, and builds relationships for its members, Eller alumni, and the community, while expanding the Eller network and strengthening our commitment to give back.

Polaris members engage in interactions with the Eller student body, Eller faculty, and Eller College administration to develop alumni networks and alumni-student matching programs. View the Eller College alumni website.

Making the right connections early on will only benefit and prepare you as you achieve your academic goals and catapult into the real world. Eller Alumni and friends of the College want to be a part of your success!


Benefits for Members of Polaris

  • Social, service, academic, and career development opportunities
  • Leadership and networking experience
  • Close exposure to alumni, faculty, and administrators
  • There may be some short travel activities to promote a sense of community within the group 


Polaris Membership Commitment and Requirements

  • Open to all students with a declared Eller major (pre-business is included)
  • High level of professionalism as you will be representing the Eller brand and our alumni
  • Maintaining the required GPA of 3.0 for admittance
  • Must participate in 80% of meetings, workshops, and field experiences such as webinars and LinkedIn trainings.
  • Demonstrate leadership and fellowship among program members, alumni, and friends of the college



After filling out the APPLICATION, students will be contacted for an interview.

Based on the application and interview, applicants demonstrating drive, ambition, and leadership qualities will be invited to join.


For more information and/or any questions, please contact Eric DaWalt, the Polaris President, at ellerpolaris@gmail.com.