Eller Tracks of Excellence



Upper Division Core and Major Honors Courses

In their third and fourth years, Eller Honors students select one of the following Tracks of Excellence in order to complete six units of thesis work as required for graduation with Honors:

Track Description

Track 1: Academic Departmental Research

For Marketing, MIS, Business Economics, Business Management, Operations Management Majors, or Global Business Program Minor

To complete this track, initiate contact with a faculty member in the department of your major. That faculty member will serve as your advisor as you undertake research design and critical analysis for the discipline of your choice, leading to writing and presenting your thesis during the second semester of your senior year.
Course: Independent Study
Track 2: Entrepreneurship This track allows you to complete a business plan as your Honors thesis, working closely with faculty in the McGuire Entrepreneurship program to complete your Honors capstone project. This track requires acceptance to the McGuire Entrepreneurship program — please visit the McGuire website for application details.
Courses: ENTR 487H, MKTG 480H, FIN 480H, ENTR 484H, ENTR 420L
Track 3: Applied Portfolio Management If you are interested in finance, this track allows you to apply classroom learning to the active management of a portfolio, with your applied portfolio report serving as your final thesis. Admission to this track requires completing FIN 412, earning an A in FIN 421, FIN 423A, and approval from the Department of Finance. 
Courses: FIN 498H 
Track 4:  Accounting 

Completing your honors thesis in accounting is a two semester commitment.  The first semester begins with a more traditional classroom experience.  The course is taught by a research faculty member or experienced PhD student and focuses on understanding accounting research theories, developing research questions, and writing a well-developed research thesis proposal.  Successful completion of the first semester will enable you to continue into the second semester where you will gather data, execute the statistical tests and complete the writing of the thesis.  Both semesters will be graded, however, they do not count as part of the two accounting electives required to graduate.

Courses: ACCT498H 


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