McCord Scholars Program

The McCord Scholars Program is the Eller College of Management’s most prestigious undergraduate scholarship program.

Phoenix residents Robert and Sharon McCord have donated $10 million to establish the McCord Scholars Program for outstanding undergraduate business students across the state of Arizona at UA, ASU, and NAU. The portion of the gift that is designated for the Eller College will expand to provide ten scholarships of $10,000 each annually.

Mr. McCord commented, “Education is critical to maintaining competition in the international marketplace. This program will help us compete and will assist in attracting the best students in Arizona, thus providing great local benefit. It is our wish that this financial assistance will make a difference in the ability of talented students to finish their business education at quality universities.”


About the Program

McCord Scholars will receive $5,000 in the fall semester and $5,000 in the spring semester during their first year in the professional program (i.e., junior year). McCord Scholars are expected to remain active in the McCord Scholars Program for the duration of the professional program, with the intention that senior students will mentor junior students.

McCord Scholars will receive special invitations to Eller College events and networking opportunities (such as the UA Executive of the Year Luncheon) and will interact with the College’s senior leadership in small group settings.

McCord Scholars will also attend annual social activities with members of the McCord Foundation and the McCord Scholars from NAU and ASU.


Award Criteria and Application

McCord Scholars will meet the following criteria:

  • Scholars will be enrolled in the Eller College Professional Program, a two-year management program completed in the junior and senior year of the undergraduate experience resulting in a baccalaureate degree.
  • Scholars will be members in good standing of the Business Honors Program, maintaining a minimum 3.6 cumulative GPA and successfully completing the incremental coursework required by the Eller Honors Academy (first level honors, with 12 total honors units completed by the end of Spring 2017).
  • Scholars will be actively involved in student and professional organizations and have a demonstrated track record of leadership.
  • Scholars will pursue a full-time academic course load and make regular progress toward a four-year undergraduate degree.
  • Scholars will be Arizona residents.
  • Application close date is: 2/14/2017 by 12 noon.


Award Process Timeline

The Award Process timeline for this semester is below:

Date Activity
January 23 Call for Applications
January 30
5:00 p.m.
Information Session (McClelland Hall 201B, Undergraduate Programs Seminar Hagenah Room)
February 14
Applications Due
February 24 Finalists Selected for Interviews (notifications made by 5:00 p.m.)
March 2 and 3
1:00-5:55 p.m.
Interviews (McClelland Hall 204, Citibank and Seminar Rooms)
March 3 Winners Selected (notifications made by 8:00 p.m.)
March 9
5:00 p.m.
Information Meeting with Winners (McClelland Hall 201A, Salter Seminar Room)


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