Arizona Foundation Outstanding Senior Award

The University of Arizona Foundation’s Outstanding Senior Awards program was established in 1971 to recognize the outstanding performances of the University's best seniors.

Every fall and spring semester, the academic departments within the Eller College nominate one graduating senior from their major for this award.

The Arizona Foundation Outstanding Senior for the Eller College is selected by a committee who interviews the department nominees and weighs the candidates’ academic and extra-curricular achievements.

Student Major(s) Year
Rebecca Paul MIS Fall 2016
Elyse Flores ACCT Spring 2016
Marlano L. Batson ACCT Fall 2015
Amanda Watts BMGT Spring 2015
Abigail Cohen MKTG Fall 2014
Rinku Skaria BMGT Spring 2014
Kathryn McCoy MKTG Fall 2013
Alexandria Napier ACCT Spring 2013
Timothy Maurer BMGT Fall 2012
Anna-Paula Lopez ACCT Spring 2012
Brian Rapoport FIN Fall 2011
Shannon Timms MKTG Spring 2011
Gabrielle Geesey ACCT Fall 2010
Holland Cortright BMGT Spring 2010
Jordan Lillie BNEC Fall 2009
Lon Huber PMPC Spring 2009
Alexis Greer ACCT Fall 2008
Alisha Jane Hoeland BMGT Spring 2008
Kara Lawhorn MIS Fall 2007
Misty Harvey CRIM Spring 2007
Elizabeth Heidenreich MKTG Fall 2006
Shirley Chai MIS Spring 2006
Hang Tran MKTG Fall 2005
Elaine Bilby FIN Spring 2005
Christi Mugford BMGT/MKTG Fall 2004
Amy Shlossman BMGT Spring 2004
Cheryl Liu MKTG/ENTR Fall 2003
Michael Rudolph BMGT Spring 2003
Elizabeth Vanderhei FIN Fall 2002
Jennifer Olding MKTG/BMGT Spring 2002
Nicole Zuber BMGT Fall 2001
Noah Knauf MIS/OPER Spring 2001


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