Undergraduate Programs Team Members of the Year

The recipients of this award have displayed genuine concern for students' needs throughout the year, going above and beyond their responsibilities to meet student needs. The award process involves an essay nomination by an Eller Undergraduate student and then a final selection by the Eller College Student Council.

Undergraduate Programs Staff Member
2016 Pete Corrigan and Gracie Duarte
2015 Jeff Welter and Dylia Hernandez
2014 Stefanie Christopher and Marisa Allen
2013 Sarah Diaz and Barbara Lundquist
2012 Laura Ullrich and Shannon Uribe
2011 Steve Michel and Jeff Welter
2010 Sara Hastings and Eric Ferguson
2009 Vannessa Kramer and Laura Ullrich
2008 Pam Fick and Dave Wietecha
2007 Nancy Rochman and Sarah Thompson Diaz
2006 Cindy Elliott and Katie Smith
2005 Lauren Brennan and Stacey Lippert
2004 Scott Berren and Lauren Brennan
2003 Kristen Culliney and Susan Ouimette
2002 Stacey Lippert and Bridget Wade
2002 Maureen Flores and Matt Mars


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