Dean's Award for Teaching Excellence

Dean's Award for Teaching Excellence winners by year are:

Instructor and Department

Mihai Ion, Finance
Matthew Hashim, Management Information Systems

2015 Yang Liu, Marketing
Suzanne Cummins, Management and Organizations
2014 Dr. Steve Reff, Economics
Nancy Rochman, Accounting
Dr. Charles Ruscher, Finance
Ryan Williams, Finance
2013 Dr. Alex Sugiyama, Business Economics
Dr. Eric Kelley, Finance
Kim Marchesseault, Business Communication
Dr. Steve Reff, Business Economics
2012 Dr. Tamar Kugler, Management and Organizations
Dr. Melanie Wallendorf, Marketing
2011 Sue Brown, Management Information Systems
Yubo Chen, Marketing
2010 Alex Durcikova, Management Information Systems
Robert Mejias, Management Information Systems
Barry Goldman, Management and Organizations
2009 Dr. William Schwartz, Accounting
Dr. Hope Schau, Marketing

ECON 200 Faculty Team:
Dr. Jerry Swanson
Dr. Don Wells
Dr. Amy Cramer
Dr. Steve Reff

Mike Sechrest, Business Communication
Leslie Cohen and Nancy Rochman, Accounting
Dr. Charles Ruscher and Dr. Kathleen Kahle - Finance
Dr. Cindi Gilliland - Management and Policy
Dr. Roger Hartley, School of Public Administration and Policy
Dr. Dave Meader, Management Information Systems
Dr. Suzanne Cummins, Management and Policy
Dr. Lillian Mills, Accounting


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