Don Wells Outstanding Faculty Mentor Award

Named after Dr. Donald Wells, Professor Emeritus in the Economics Department, this award is presented to a faculty member who has been outstanding in their teaching and in their efforts to engage students both inside and outside of the classroom.

Instructor and Department
2016 Price Fishback
Professor, Economics
2015 Alexandre Sugiyama
Lecturer, Economics
2014 Dr. Tindall
2013 Dr. Lubomir Litov
Assistant Professor, Department of Finance
2012 Dr. Kirsten Cook
Assistant Professor, Department of Accounting
2011 Katie Maxwell
Lecturer, Department of Accounting
2010 Cindi Gilliland
Senior Lecturer, Department of Management and Organizations
2009 Don Seeley
Adjunct Lecturer, Department of Finance
2008 Katie Cordova
Adjunct Lecturer, Department of Accounting
Don Seeley
Adjunct Lecturer, Department of Finance

Dr. David Meader
Senior Lecturer, Management Information Systems

Dr. Vic Piscitello
Adjunct Lecturer, Marketing
Diza Sauers
Lecturer, Business Communication
Dr. Roger Hartley
Associate Professor, School of Public Administration and Policy
Dr. John Z. Drabicki
Associate Professor & Assistant Department Head, Economics
Dr. Donald Wells
Professor Emeritus, Economics

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