Outstanding Faculty Members of the Year

Each year, during the spring semester, the Eller College Student Council presents faculty awards to two undergraduate instructors who displays enthusiasm and understanding towards their subject and compassion for their students' needs. The recipient is recognized for being approachable, making his or her in-class discussion useful, and using an effective teaching style. A survey of the Eller College Undergraduate students is taken to select an instructor who teaches in a classroom of less than 60 students and to an instructor who teaches in a classroom of 60 or more students.

Instructor and Department
2016 Matthew Hashim, MIS
Max Hewitt, Accounting
2015 Dirk Mateer, Economics
Jim Mclean, Management and Organizations
2014 Dr. Cyndi Gilliland, Management and Organizations
Katie Maxwell, Accounting
2013 Nancy Rochman , Accounting
Phillip Blanchard, Accounting
2012 Dr. William Neumann, MIS
Dr. Lubomir Litov, Finance
2011 Shyam Jha, MIS
Amar Gupta, Entrepreneurship
2010 Steve Reff, Economics
Dr. Hope Schau, Marketing
2009 Dr. Paul Melendez, Management and Organizations
Dr. Karen Otto, Accounting
2008 Dr. Roberto Mejias, Management Information Systems
Dr. Randy Accetta, Business Communication
Dr. Vic Piscitello, Marketing
Phillip Blanchard, Accounting

Katie Cordova, Accounting
Dr. Gerald Swanson, Economics

Randy Accetta, Business Communication
Vic Piscitello, Marketing
Diza Sauers, Business Communication
Phillip Blanchard, Accounting
Diza Sauers, Business Communication
Patrick McDonald, MIS and Management and Policy
Dr. John Drabicki, Economics
Phillip Blanchard, Accounting


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