Meet Your Advisor

The Eller Undergraduate Programs advising team is listed below. Students in the Pre-Business major are alphabetically assigned to a Pre-Business Advisor based on the first letter of their last name. Students who have gained Professional Admission are assigned to their Major Advisor. Students admitted to the Honors College work with the Eller Honors Advisor while they are in the Pre-Business Major, and then also work closely with their Major Advisor once they have gained Professional Admission. For more information on how to schedule an advising appointment with your advisor, please review our advising options.

Please select your advisor below:

Program/Degree Advisor
Economics (Bachelor of Arts) Elise Romero
Pre-Economics (Bachelor of Arts) David Calabrese
Pre-Business (Last Names A-B) Alisha Brewer
Pre-Business (Last Names C-E) Cassandra Ott
Pre-Business (Last Names F) Tatum Rochin
Pre-Business (Last Names G-I) Camille Celaya
Pre-Business (Last Names J-K) Elena Ioli
Pre-Business (Last Names L-N) Rachel Erickson
Pre-Business (Last Names O-Q) Dave Wietecha
Pre-Business (Last Names R-S) Connor Higgins
Pre-Business (Last Names T-Z) Yuliana Ruiz
Pre-Business (UA Online - Newly Admitted Students) Heather Martin
Pre-Business (UA Online - Continuing Students) Jennifer Hansen

Business Administration (BNAD) (Online Cohort)

Meghan Welsh

Business Administration (BNAD) (Evening Cohort)

Julio Peña
Business Management (BMGT)
Business Economics (BNEC)
Frank Barile
Entrepreneurship (ENTR)
Finance (FIN)
Andrea Wright

Accounting (ACCT)

Laura Ullrich
Marketing (MKTG)
Management Information Systems (MIS)
Operations Management (OPER)

Julio Peña
Eller Business/Pre-Business Honors Tatum Rochin


The Undergraduate Programs Assistant Dean and Director of Advising is Anne Pagel.


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