Freshman Follow-Up Program

StudentsFreshman Follow-Up is a mandatory advising program for all first-semester freshmen in the Eller College of Management.

During the Fall program, pre-business advisors help students determine what classes they need to take in the spring semester, as well as confirm registration dates and times. The program includes reminders of various student services available through the Eller College of Management and the University of Arizona. This is not a one-on-one appointment with your advisor.

Who participates in Freshman Follow-Up?

Pre-Business freshmen in the Eller College of Management who are in their first semester every fall semester must attend.  This includes students who graduated from high school last year.  

If you are a first-semester freshman this fall, you MUST complete the Freshman Follow-Up program prior to registering for spring semester classes.

The group advising takes place within MIS 111 on October 10th and outside of MIS 111 for "Schedule for Success" students.  Schedule for Success students must RSVP for a Freshman Follow Up session that works best with their schedule.

Please follow these steps to RSVP:

1.  Visit eSMS.
2.  Log in using your UA Net ID and password.
3.  From your eSMS Profile page, click on New RSVP from the top menu.
4.  Select “Freshman Follow-Up” in the drop down menu and click “Begin Search”.
5.  Choose and select the Freshman Follow-Up session date that fits best with your schedule.

RSVP for Freshman Follow-Up

Check your UAccess Student Center this fall for your spring priority registration date.


For additional information, please contact your advisor or email Rachel Erickson at