Pre-Professional Academic Communities for Excellence

Pre-Professional Academic Communities for Excellence (PACE) is a first-year experience program for Eller Pre-Professional Majors (Pre-Business and Pre-Economics).  All first year students are a part of a P.A.C.E. community based on their on or off campus housing assignment.  Within their P.A.C.E. community, students are enrolled at their freshman orientation into common sections of core classes, such as Management Information Systems 111.  Students are able to easily create meaningful academic relationships and social learning opportunities with their Pre-Professional peers.

Features of P.A.C.E. for Students

All first-year Pre-Professional students within P.A.C.E. have the benefit of these programs:

  • A Peer Academic Leader (PAL) who is a successful sophomore or junior student within the Eller College of Management.  A PAL can help a student navigate getting involved, how to do well in their classes, or general student advice.  PALs also coordinate popular events throughout the year, such as exam reviews in common courses.
  • Professional Academic Advising easily accessible, even in the Residence Halls, at peak times of the year or for group advising at students' requests.  
  • Commonly enrolled courses by PACE Community.
  • Social Networking Tools- P.A.C.E. uses the group messaging platform GroupMe and Facebook as a way for all P.A.C.E. students to communicate.  All P.A.C.E. students are encouraged to join the P.A.C.E GroupMe via the website or app to keep up to date on upcoming events, find study groups, or connect with their community.  Students can also find us on Facebook.

Additional Opportunities to Engage with P.A.C.E.

We want all P.A.C.E. students to engage actively with their P.A.C.E. community, such as planning gatherings, study groups, and requesting events for your community.  However, we also have three structured ways for first year students to get more involved within P.A.C.E. and deepen their Eller Experience:

  • Living within a P.A.C.E. Theme Community in a Residence Hall.  Students can apply to live on the same floor with other Pre-Business majors in three different Residence Halls for the 2018-2019 academic year: Coronado Hall, Manzanita-Mohave, and Colonia de la Paz.  Students who apply to live in our theme communities take an additional leadership course together in the Fall semester. 
  • P.A.C.E. students are encouraged to sign up for P.A.C.E. Peer-Mentoring, which would allow students to develop a meaningful connection with a successful Eller student and get individualized guidance.
  • In the Fall semester, students can apply to participate in the Spring semester leadership development honorary P.A.C.E. PREMIER to further develop their leadership and professional development within small cohorts.  


For additional information about the P.A.C.E. program, please email Stephanie Hanson at