Differential Tuition Surcharge

Why is there an Eller College and Economics differential tuition?

As far back as 2003, the Eller College, in collaboration with student leadership, developed a proposal to establish an additional fee to support and expand the Eller experience. The funds would be used to attract and retain top-level faculty as well as provide better student services and improved equipment and facilities.

The Arizona Board of Regents approved the request and the Eller student body, as well as students pursuing Economics degrees, began paying the fee along with their tuition.

The current differential tuition is $900 per semester, but fees are subject to annual review by the Arizona Board of Regents and may be subject to change.


How much will I pay?

You will pay 1/12 of the differential tuition per unit up to 12 units per semester. After 12 units the full differential tuition amount has been reached, additional units bear no additional cost. The table below shows the rates:

2015-2016 Academic Year Differential Tuition Rates

Admitted for Advanced Standing Differential Tuition Amount Per Unit Amount up to 12 Units
Professionally Admitted Students $900/semester $75/unit/semester
Upper Division BA Economics Students $900/semester $75/unit/semester


What about summer and winter session?

During summer and winter sessions students with advanced standing incur a reduced differential tuition of $50/unit.


If I'm not taking any classes in my major, do I still pay the differential tuition?

Yes, you do. The differential tuition is tied to your degree. If you are attempting to get a BSBA or a BA in economics, you will pay differential tuition until you graduate.


What about scholarships?

Until Spring 2013, 17% of the differential tuition was set aside each semester to be used to offset the burden of the differential tuition for students with need. This portion was decreased institutionally to 14% in 2014.  The number of students with need often exceeds the funds that have been set aside.  Awards are given until funds are exhausted.


What else does the differential tuition surcharge fund?

One percent of the differential tuition is put into an endowment. Half of that one percent goes directly to an appropriations fund to benefit Eller students and student groups directly. The interest from the endowment also is paid out to the appropriations fund. The student-run Excellence Fund (Student Appropriations Board) meets to look at proposals from the student body, both groups and individuals, and to award funding where appropriate.

Current UA tuition: www.bursar.arizona.edu/students/fees


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