Professional Admissions Skills Assessment

Spring 2019 Skills Assessment Exam Schedule

First Attempt:
Feb. 15th for ESL & Global Cohort Applicants-4 pm, MCLD Hall Room 207
Feb. 16th for other Applicants-8:00 am
Social Sciences Room 100

Skills Assessment Review Materials

The following materials are made available to help students focus on materials that may be covered in the Skills Assessment Exam.

Accounting Packet #1

Accounting Packet #2

Business Statistics Packet

View Sample Skills Assessment Questions

The Skills Assessment Exam is required for all students applying for Eller College Professional Admission.

Students with disabilities who require reasonable accommodations must register with the Disability Resource Center. If you qualify for services through DRC, show your accommodations to your academic advisor at least two weeks prior to the exam.

The Professional Admission Skills Assessment is a 40-minute examination consisting of 20 multiple-choice questions. You will only need to bring a #2 pencil to the exam. Four-function calculators will be provided. No outside calculators, cell phones, or other hand-held devices will be allowed. The exam is designed to test your understanding of basic concepts and analysis methods covered in Business Statistics (BNAD 276) and Financial Accounting (ACCT 200). In addition, basic concepts from algebra may be tested.

Admitted students who score below a level determined to be satisfactory will be required to retake another assessment test. Students will be permitted to retake the assessment test one time. If a satisfactory score is not earned after the retake attempt then the student will have to attend a mandatory "Foundation Course Concepts Review Seminar." During the seminar, students will have a final opportunity to take the exam. Without a satisfactory score on the final attempt, the original admissions will be revoked and the applicant will have to reapply for professional admissions in a future semester.

The following topics may appear on the Professional Admission Skills Assessment Exam:


  • Financial Accounting Assumptions and Principles
    • The Accounting Cycle
  • The Accounting Equation, Account Types, and the Classified Balance Sheet
  • The Income Statement 
    • Retained Earnings and Dividends
  • Recording Business Transactions I: 
    • Merchandising Operations Cont.
    • Accounting for Inventory
  • Recording Business Transactions II: 
    • Receivables and Bad Debt 
    • Prepaid Expenses and Unearned Revenue
  • Recording Business Transactions III:
    • Property, Plant, and Equipment and Depreciation
    • Liabilities and Equity
  • The Statement of Cash Flows
    • Ratio Analysis

Business Statistics:

  • Probability
  • Distributions, Statistics, and Expected Value
  • Solutions to Linear Equations
  • Time Value of Money:
    • Future Value
    • Present Value


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