Professional Admissions Application Process

The Professional Admission process for entry into the the majors within the Eller College of Management requires the following steps:

  1. Meet all eligibility requirements. 
  2. Attend the Professional Admission orientation.
  3. Submit the online application through eSMS.
    • You must first submit the online application in order to schedule your advising appointment.
  1. Attend a mandatory academic advising appointment with an academic advisor.
    • Your Interview and Skills Assessment Exam will be scheduled during your advising appointment.
  1. Turn in your completed application packet by the required deadline (late applications will not be accepted). Completed application includes:
    • Application Summary Page: can be printed through eSMS after submitting the online application.
    • Cover Letter (two copies): explains reason for pursuing chosen major, as well as personal accomplishments and career goals.
    • Resume (two copies): highlights your experiences and accomplishments.
  1. Participate in a professional interview with our Eller College Associates.
  2. Complete a Skills Assessment Exam with a passing score of 75% (15/20).

The admission process and timeline is slightly different for those students who qualify for Admission With Excellence.  Students who believe they meet the qualifications for Admission With Excellence should attend the "AWE Information Session" and consult with their advisor.  

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Important Notes

Students have a maximum of two attempts at application to the Professional Program.

This includes instances of students not being admitted, loss of admission due to not completing all eligibility requirements, declining admission prior to starting the cohort, or dropping all classes during the first semester of the cohort. The process does not allow for deferment of admission. Students studying abroad the semester before starting the Professional Program will submit their application in absentia.

Students are conditionally admitted to both the College and the individual major.

The Eller College is committed to admitting a talented class to our cohort every semester. As such, admission to the college is based on both demands for the college and individual majors. Students will not be permitted to apply to change the major to which they were admitted until the end of their first semester of the cohort. Students are encouraged to research their major choice carefully before submitting their completed application.

Students are conditionally admitted to the College based on the following areas:

  • All remaining Foundation courses must be successfully completed with a passing (or transferable) grade at the end of the regular semester in which you are applying.
  • A total of 54 units must be completed at the end of the semester in which you are applying.
  • Students must pass the Skills Assessment Exam with a score of 75% or higher. 
    • Admitted students who score below this score will be required to re-take the exam. Students who do not score the 75% on the second attempt will be required to participate in a Skills Assessment Workshop, for a fee, during which they will take the final attempt. If a satisfactory score is not earned on the final attempt, then the original admission will be revoked and the applicant must re-apply for Professional Admission in a future semester, if eligible.
  • Students must demonstrate professional competencies in the areas of a Cover Letter, Resume, and Interview.  Admitted students who score below a level determined to be satisfactory will be required to attend a Professional Development Competency Workshop and complete any supporting assignments.  Students who do not meet the competency requirements will be revoked and the applicant must re-apply for Professional Admission in a future semester.
  • Students must be in Good Academic Standing with a 2.0 (or higher) GPA in order to start the professional program.

Differential Tuition Information

A professional program fee is assessed every semester to students in Eller's undergraduate professional program. Fees are subject to annual review and may change.

The Professional Development Center is here to help!

Students looking for help in preparing their cover letter, resume, and interview skills are encouraged to utilize the resources offered through the Eller Professional Development Center.

For additional questions or assistance, please contact us.