Pre-Economics Professional Development Fee

In Spring 2018, the BA Economics major moved to the Eller College of Management, a Pre-Economics was developed, and a Pre-Economics Fee was approved by the Arizona Board of Regents. 

Pre-Economics Fee Overview

An increase to this lower division professional development fee was approved in Spring 2018 to support the growing Professional Development Center services and support for the integration of technology demanded by employers into Eller courses.

The rate is $350 per semester for students in the Pre-Economics phase of their degree. Students with Advanced Standing to the Eller College are not subject to this fee but are subject to the Differential Tuition Surcharge.

The students’ return on investment for this fee is wide ranging, including, as circumstances dictate, career coaching, interaction with employers and alumni that have expertise in their areas of interest, and special programs in preparation for elite careers. Beginning freshman year, students will develop a future vision including knowledge, skills, and experiences that are necessary for specific careers. Every subsequent year students will receive follow-up coaching to help them succeed in internships and graduation placement. The Eller lower division communication course will support improved business writing. Software including Excel will be practiced more often within courses to support workforce readiness.

Located in McClelland Hall Room 340, the Eller Professional Development Center strives to empower a diverse student population that actively manages career choices in the global marketplace, to develop the best-prepared job seekers, and to maximize students' chances for success by providing highly personalized services.


Fee Results

Below are opportunities we are excited to offer as a result of this fee. These opportunities are now in place for Pre-Economics majors:

Career Coaching

Career Coaches offer professional development guidance to students by helping students identify and realize career goals through personal consultation. Career Coaches help students in researching career paths and finding internship and full-time opportunities. They identify specific skills required for employment and help students obtain these skills, as well as assist students in the application and interview preparation processes.

Our Career Coaching team has qualified industry coaching expertise in marketing, management, finance, economics, accounting, management information systems, sales, consulting, banking, and graduate school planning. Make an appointment with an Eller Career Coach through eSMS , select “Career Advising” under appointment type.

Industry-Specific Career Experiences

In addition to career coaching, we offer specific industry career training to assist high achieving students with gaining skills and experience necessary to succeed in elite job markets.

  • Wall Street Professional Development Course (spring only)
  • Consulting Professional Development Course (spring only)
  • Spring Break Career Study Tours (in various cities; e.g., San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Seattle)
  • Tucson and Phoenix Employer Treks
  • Women in Capital Markets Day
  • Professional Women in Finance Brunch

PDC Workshops and Walk-ins

Throughout the semester, the Professional Development Center offers a variety of workshops to assist students in their professional development. Workshops focus on topics such as interviews skills and preparation, resume writing, graduate school planning, and excel training. During the Fall and Spring semesters, we also offer walk-ins to assist students with quick resume critiques and career-related questions. These services are especially useful during the Advanced Standing process to help students through the development of the Cover Letter and Resume portion of the selection process. Be sure to keep a look out on your email for additional information about workshop and walk-in availability.


In an effort to assist students in gaining career-related experiences earlier, the Professional Development Center organizes externships (one day job shadow experiences) with alums across the nation. We offer these externships over winter and summer breaks when students are home and can participate in their home city.

Additional Information About the Fee

Grants are funded by setting aside 14% of the fee each semester. These set-aside funds are to be used to offset the burden of the fee for students with need.  The number of students with need often exceeds the funds that have been set aside.  Awards are given until funds are exhausted.


For additional information, please contact us.