Management Minor

The management minor is a customized 18-unit program available only to non-Eller Students.

The majority of classes are only offered during summer sessions; however, the minor can be completed over multiple summers.

Minor Requirements

  • Six three-unit courses (18 units total)
  • Minimum nine units upper division coursework
  • At least nine units must be completed in residence at the University of Arizona
  • Minimum 2.0 grade point average (GPA) needed in minor
  • Most courses offered during summer sessions
  • Can be used as a part of the interdisciplinary degree program (IDS)
  • Can be taken along with business administration minor or marketing minor (coursework cannot double dip)
  • Students need to choose between the management minor and the sports management minor


Management Minor Coursework

Required Units: Students will complete the following two courses (6 units): 

  • ECON 200 Basic Economic Issues
  • ACCT 200 Introduction to Financial Accounting (Available to non-Eller students in spring, summer, and winter sessions only) or ACCT250 Survey of Accounting

Students will choose four of the following courses (12 units):

  • BNAD 302 Human Side of Organizations
  • MGMT 351 Sports Administration and Planning
  • MGMT 352 Sport Tourism and Event Management
  • MGMT 353 Sports Negotiation and Compliance
  • MGMT 354 Business of College Sports
  • MGMT 356 Sports Communication
  • MGMT 359 Special Topics in Sports Management
  • MKTG 355 Sports Marketing Management

Note: Students who are also completing the business administration minor cannot apply ECON 200, ACCT 200/250, and/or BNAD 302 to both the sports management minor and the business administration minor. Courses can only be applied to a single minor.

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