The Eller College offers business minors for students pursuing a degree other than a BSBA. The College also offers the Global Business Program thematic minor for Eller students.

BSBA Business students are not eligible to pursue a minor within the same college as their major, but are encouraged to explore the certificate options and the Global Business Program.  BA Economics students are eligible to earn any of the following minors (with the exception of the Economics Minor). 


Eller College Minors for Non-BSBA Students

Business Administration
The Business Administration minor provides students with an understanding of multiple dimensions of business practices. Courses are offered in Fall, Spring, Summer, and Winter.  We also offer a Business Administration Minor Abroad summer option.

The Economics Minor studies how scarce resources can be efficiently allocated to produce the maximum number of goods and services.  Courses are offered in Fall, Spring, Summer, and Winter.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation
The Entrepreneurship and Innovation minor provides students with the opportunity to build knowledge in the areas of entrepreneurship and innovation.  Prerequisite courses are offered in Fall, Spring, and Summer, with the core courses offered in Fall and Spring. 

The Finance minor explores how people in finance affect almost every aspect of business. Prerequisite courses are offered in Fall and Spring, with the core courses offered over Summer.

The Marketing minor helps students develop the skills to plan, price, promote, and distribute goods and services. Prerequisite courses are offered in Fall and Spring, with the course courses offered over Summer.

Sports Management
The Sports Management minor explores the business opportunities related to the growing sports industries. Courses are offered in Fall, Spring, Summer and Winter. We also now offer a Sports Management Abroad summer option.


Eller College Global Business Thematic Minor for Eller Students (BSBA and BA)

Global Business Program
The Global Business Program is thematic minor program that Eller College students can work towards completing during their time at the University of Arizona. The Global Business Program minor prepares students for careers related to international business, and requires additional language skills.


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