Operations Management Major

Major Overview

Operations Management is about getting things done effectively and efficiently in organizations. Demands for business process re-engineering, better quality, better customer service, time-based competition, and supply-chain management demonstrate that superior management of the operations function is vital in business today. Operations managers manage the production systems in manufacturing and services. All organizations have an operations function. Operations managers might work in managing manufacturing processes or managing the delivery of a service to a customer.

Topics include process analysis and improvement, quality control, production planning, inventory systems, managing manufacturing, supply-chain management, and managing the delivery of services. Operations managers need good analytical and problem-solving skills and knowledge of computers.


Academics and Advising

Meet Your Advisor

Julio Pena is the academic advisor for Operations Management.  Meet Julio. 

Sample Four-Year Plan

View a sample four-year plan for Operations Management majors here.

Cohort Schedules

View Eller College Professional Program cohort schedules by semester here.

Operations Management Elective Course Options

View OM major elective course options here.

Major Department

The Operations Management major falls within the Department of Management Information Systems. View department website.


Career Resources

Operations Management Career Brief

View the Operations Management Major Career Brief to learn more about career preparation and opportunities for Operations Management careers.


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