Finance Major

Major Overview

People who work in finance affect almost every aspect of business — indeed, of modern life itself — because money still does make the world go round. Consider the impact these financial practitioners have made: Corporate finance officers help their companies raise capital that often finances new plants and new products, resulting in new jobs. Public finance professionals raise money to build roads, bridges, schools, and hospitals. Lending officers at banks, savings and loans, and credit unions help their customers finance homes or college education. Portfolio managers invest the retirement funds of millions of people.

Academics and Advising

Meet Your Advisor

Andrea Wright is the academic advisor for Finance. Meet Andrea.

Sample Four-Year Plan

View a sample four-year plan for Finance majors here.

Cohort Schedules

View Eller College Professional Program cohort schedules by semester here.

Finance Elective Options

View Finance major elective course options.

Major Department

The Finance major falls within the Department of Finance. View department website.

Career Resources

Finance Career Brief

View the Finance Major Career Brief to learn more about career preparation and opportunities for finance careers.

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