Business Economics Major

Major Overview

Economists study how scarce resources can be efficiently allocated to produce the maximum number of goods and services. Economists conduct research, collect and analyze data, monitor economic trends, and develop forecasts. They apply economic theory to endeavors such as banking, finance, manufacturing, education, law, international trade, labor, insurance, agriculture, health, criminal justice, energy, natural resources, and telecommunications.

The field of economics provides a framework for analyzing and solving problems that arise from scarcity. Public issues—inflation, unemployment, budget deficits, and environmental pollution, for example—as well as individual and business decision-making, are examples of the economist's work.

The Business Economics (BSBA) major is highly structured with a specific set of business foundation and core classes that must be completed in a predetermined sequence.  Two semesters of foreign language are required.  You can think of this degree as learning about business and economics, consequently a minor is not required. Admissions into the Business Economics major requires participating in the highly competitive Eller College Professional Admissions process and taking the same core classes as the other business majors.

The Eller College also offers a Economics (BA) major.  Both majors will prepare you for careers including but not limited to consulting, banking, research, analytics, insurance, criminal justice, labor, energy, and health, as well as graduate school, including law school and further study in Economics (Masters or PhD).  To be admitted to the BA Economics major, students go through the BA Economics Advanced Standing process. 


Academics and Advising

Meet Your Advisor

Frank Barile is the academic advisor for Business Economics. Meet Frank.

Sample Four-Year Plan

View a sample four-year plan for Business Economics majors here.

Cohort Schedules

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Business Economics Elective Course Options

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Major Department

The Business Economics major falls within the Department of Economics. View department website.


Career Resources

Business Economics Career Brief

View the Business Economics Major Career Brief to learn more about career preparation and opportunities for economics careers.


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