Business Management Elective Course Options

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  • All courses marked with ** are only available to students who are currently in the Entrepreneurship program
Course Name Units Semester Description
BNAD 350 - Global Business in the Emerging Region 3.00 Summer This course deals with the cultural, economic, political, legal, commercial, and social context in which multinational corporations, especially American businesses, operate in Emerging Regions. This includes consideration of factors that shape or reflect the operational realities of management and marketing in Emerging Regions. 
BNAD 455 - Small Business Development and Consulting 3.00 Spring Only This course provides a project based, integrative course that brings together all aspects of business.  Students are challenged to integrate accounting, marketing, finance, operations and management skills into one project.  Classroom activities focus on consulting skills and help students develop a framework for analyzing current business processes with a problem solving aim.  Each student consulting team will work with a local small business owner.  Professional guidance and mentoring for each team will be provided by local business professionals and Eller alumni, in addition to Eller faculty and staff. 
ECON 382 - Labor and Policy 3.00 Spring Economic and legal analysis of the issues and problems arising out of executive, legislative, and judicial efforts to define the rights, duties, and responsibilities of labor and management in the field of industrial relations.
ECON 383 - Labor Arbitration      
ECON 386 - Collective Barganing      
MGMT 380 - Social Innovation Organizations 3.00 Fall and Spring This course will provide students with both academic and real-world knowledge and experience in creating social impact.   We will examine a variety of organizational structures including nonprofit, for profit, and hybrid organizations such as B corps, looking for best practices in social innovation.  We will study how leaders create positive change by cycling through the social impact cycle, and we will learn about local organizations of various kinds and sizes and evaluate their efforts to innovate in addressing complex issues. 
MGMT 381 - Management of Effective Non-Profit Organizations 3.00 Fall Only After completion of the course, you will have a comprehensive understanding of managing effective non-profit organizations including: understanding nonprofit organizations, governing and leading, accountability, capacity, strategic planning, managing staff and volunteers, and fundraising. You will learn through visiting and meeting influential non-profit leaders in the community, reading, and hands on projects.
MGMT 382 - Nonprofit Consulting 3.00 Fall and Spring  This course will provide students with real-world knowledge and experience in management consulting for nonprofit organizations.  Specifically, students work in teams and use their business expertise to consult on projects with nonprofit organizations in the community. This action-based course provides students with the opportunity to work with organizations making a positive impact on the Tucson community. Students will learn through hands-on experiences with actual clients to develop resume building experiences and skills valued in the work place. Focused application of consulting, business-related research, and client management will be the emphasis of this course. 
MGMT 407/MENA 407 - Business Environment in the Middle East and North Africa 3.00 Fall The objective of the course is to provide the tools to function comfortably in the Middle East and North Africa business environment. It will provide a basic understanding of the history, geography, politics, economics and culture of these areas.
MGMT 408 - Compensation 3.00 Fall and Spring Designed to provide an in-depth understanding of compensation policies.  It will examine theoretical and practical aspects to compensation policies in organizations. 
MGMT 412/ ENTR 412      
MGMT 420 - Business Law 3.00 Fall and Spring Law of Contracts; Principal-Agency (Employer-Employee) relationships; Unincorporated Business Associations-Partnerships; Limited Partnerships; Limited Liability Companies; Corporations; Property Rights and other subjects such as negotiable instruments; Wills and Probate of Estate. 
MGMT 430 - Human Resources Policies 3.00 Spring An integrative, case-oriented course focusing on problems and policies in the procurement, development, compensation, and motivation of personnel.
MGMT 431 - Human Resources Management in Services 3.00 Spring Human resources issues when their employees and customers interact in a services environment. 
MGMT 432A - Applied Topics in Bargaining and Negotiations 3.00 Fall and Spring To understand the theory and processes of negotiation to negotiate successfully in a variety of settings comfortable and adept in future negotiations. 
MGMT 432B - Bargaining and Negotiation in Organizations 3.00 Fall Examination of the state of the art of bargaining and negotiation, and the development of bargaining skills in a wide variety of business and interpersonal settings.
MGMT 433 - Strategic Human Resource Management 3.00 Fall, Spring, Summer 1 and 2 This course is designed to help students acquire the skills and knowledge to become more effective managers of people in organizations. Students will learn effective people management practices, explore how these practices fit with an organization's strategy and structure, and equip students with some basic skills for applying these practices. Increasingly, the task of managing and developing people is shared between human resources and general managers. Therefore, whether a student's functional concentration is marketing, finance, information technology, operations management, or human resources, understanding how to manage people, and how an organization's context affects the effectiveness of people management practices, is critical for a manager's and their organization's performance.
MGMT 435 - International Management 3.00 Fall, Spring, Summer 1 and 2 Broaden perspectives on globalizing business and international integration.  Enhance analytical and communication skills in approaching and resolving international issues.
MGMT 437 - Organizational Staffing 3.00 Fall The primary purpose of this course is to provide an overview of the processes by which organizations staff positions from a pool of applicants. 
MGMT 438/PA 438 - Health Care Organization and Management 3.00 Fall and Spring This course focuses on the management and organization of health care delivery, particularly in the United States. The course examines the salient features of the health care context, the unique challenges these features produce for managers in that industry, and solutions that organizations have used to address those challenges. Micro to macro challenges and solutions are explored, with a particular emphasis on the ways that leadership, human resources, culture, operations, organization design, and strategy influence the quality, safety, and costs of care and the patient experience.
MGMT 440 - Leadership in a Complex World 3.00 Fall and Spring The objective of this class is to enhance your understanding of what makes leaders effective in organizational settings.  Although there are many different ways of defining leadership effectiveness, the majority of these definitions suggest that effective leaders are those that: improve the performance and attitudes of employees; motivate people to perform "above and beyond the call of duty;" and enhance organizational effectiveness.  Thus, during the first half of this class, we will: (a) explore the criteria of leadership effectiveness, (b) identify those leader behaviors that have been found to be the most important ones for enhancing leadership effectiveness, and (c) explore how you can improve your own leadership "style."  However, since leadership is dynamic, much of the material in the second half of the class will be directed at understanding some of the challenges that leaders face in different types of organizational and cultural environments. 
MGMT 442 - Designing and Managing Organizations 3.00 Fall and Spring The purpose of this course is to help students think about the design, structure, and management of organizations. This course will introduce students to organization theory - a field that draws on ideas from the disciplines of sociology, psychology, economics and political science.  The goal is to teach students to think about and understand organizations using concepts that organization theory provides.  The course is designed to encourage students to actively and critically use these concepts to diagnose, design, manage, change and generally make sense of the organizations in which they now -- or will in the future -- participate. 
MGMT 444 - Managing Groups and Teams 3.00 Spring Application of behavioral science knowledge to group functioning in organizations with emphasis on perspectives from organizational behavior, social psychology and sociology. 
MGMT 448/ENTR 448 - Healthcare Entrepreneurship 3.00 Fall and Spring In this course you will focus your business and entrepreneurial skills on contemporary healthcare challenges and opportunities.  Through a series of readings, case studies, discussions, guest speakers, and assignments, you will explore a number of contemporary healthcare problems and identify entrepreneurial solutions to these problems.
MGMT 450 - Training and Development 3.00 Fall and Spring Examines employee training and development as a systematic planned strategy for continuous expansion of employee competence, broadly defined , in order to meet organizational and individual goals.
MGMT 453/ENTR 453 - Communication and Organizational Change 3.00 Fall and Spring Change is inherent in contemporary organizations.  Some changes result from planned innovations, others are reactive to internal, industry, and environmental jolts and surprises.  Some changes are minor and gradual; others are sudden and revolutionary.  Regardless of the stimulus or type of change, managers and leaders must manage and communicate change effectively to achieve successful implementation and results.  This is not easy because employees and other stakeholders often resist change due to uncertainty, deeply-rooted cultural values and norms, politics, and a variety of other potential barriers to change.
This case-based class provides an understanding of change processes in organizations and teaches students how to develop successful communication strategies to effectively guide the change process. 
MGMT 454/MKTG 454 - Management of Sales Operations 3.00 Fall and Spring The sales function and its relationship to the total marketing program; sales strategies and objectives; development and administration of sales organizations; control and evaluation of sales operations.
MGMT 455 - Exploring Management Problems in the Lab 3.00 Fall and Spring The goal of the class is to expose students to various topics in management through laboratory simulations and demonstrations. The class will be organized in modules, each containing a laboratory simulation, analysis of results and output, class discussion and a written report.
MGMT 463/AFAS 463 - Doing Business In/With Africa: A Culutural Perspective 3.00 Fall, Summer 1 and 2 Going into the 21st century, Africa, (along with Asia and Latin America), is often referred to as one of the emerging markets of the world. This recognition has cast Africa as occupying the last frontier market of modern international business and global capitalism. AFAS 463 Doing Business In/ With Africa is designed to provide cultural grounding and competency in Africa for students  and professionals interested  in conducting business and/or working with government agencies and non-profit organizations in Africa. Its focus, therefore, is the cultural aspect of the international business environment of Africa.
MGMT 465/MIS 465 - Managing for Quality Improvement 3.00 Fall Operational aspect of quality improvement. Topics include statistical process control, quality management programs.
MGMT 468/ENTR 468 - Persuasion in Entrepreneurial Contexts 3.00 Fall and Spring Persuasion is central to organizations and business.  Whether you are a supervisor trying to motivate an employee, a salesperson trying to land a client, a CEO inspiring organizational members toward a new vision, a marketing professional trying to create a product niche, or an entrepreneur attempting to garner financial support for a new venture, persuasion lies at the heart of organizational processes. This course is designed to develop student understanding of the role of persuasion in organizations and business settings. 
MGMT 473A/MIS 473A - Production and Operations Management 3.00 Fall and Spring Productive systems, including service type industries; activities entailed in selecting, designing, operating, controlling, and updating systems. Forecasting, aggregate planning, MRP, inventory models under uncertainty, scheduling.
MGMT 473B/MIS 473B - Production and Operations Management 3.00 Fall and Spring Productive systems, including service type industries; activities entailed in selecting, designing, operating, controlling and updating systems. Topics include strategy and competition, supply chain management, project management, facilities layout and location, quality and assurance, and reliability and maintainability 
MGMT 475 - Topics in Management 3.00 Fall and Spring Critical examination of various research activities taking place in the field of management and organizational behavior. 
MGMT 477/MIS 477 - The Supply Chain and Logistics 3.00 Fall Organization, management and control of material flow processes; logistical strategies and relationships of procurement, handling, warehousing, transportation, and inventory control.
MGMT 480/GWS 480 - Geneder, Leadership and Organizations 3.00 Fall and Spring Survey of research on topics that have to do with gender and organizations. Topics include social determinants of career choice, perceptions and performance of men and women as managers, occupational sex segregation, work and family issues, implications of technological change for women's employment, affirmative action and comparable worth. 
MGMT 484/ENTR 484** - Development of New Venture Plans 4.00 Spring Preparation and presentation of a comprehensive business plan. Integration of financial, operational, and marketing elements. 
MGMT 485 - Decision Analysis 3.00 Fall and Spring Basic tools to become a better decision maker in personal life and professional work. 
MGMT 486 - Managerial Judgment and Decision 3.00 Spring Application of behavioral decision frameworks to managerial and organizational decisions. Emphasis on recognizing common decision making errors and how to avoid them in order to improve decision making.
MGMT 487/ENTR 487** - New Venture Development and Industry Analysis 4.00 Fall Integration of marketing, production and management functions. Pro forma statements. Development of venture capital. 
MGMT 488/ENTR 488 - Social Entrepreneurship 3.00 Fall and Spring Focusing your business and entrepreneurial skills on social and/or environmental problem solving. 
MGMT 496Z/BNAD 496Z - University Management 3.00 Fall and Spring This is an applied consulting class. This course will be provided to give students an insight into the inner-workings of the university, while demonstrating methods of improvement applicable to individual colleges. Course may count as a Business Management Major Elective. Please see the Business Management Advisor for substitution.
PSY 360 - Social Psychology 3.00 Fall, Spring, Summer 1 and 2 Introduction to the major theories and research findings of social psychology. Specific topics covered in the class include the self, social cognition, attitudes, interpersonal relations, group processes, prejudice, and aggression. 
PSY 375 - Industrial-Organizational Psychology 3.00 Fall, Spring, Summer 1 and 2 Application of the principles of psychology to industrial and social organizations, including personnel, human factors, organizational and consumer psychology.
PSY 450 - Psychological Testing and Assessment      
SOC 326 - Work and Society 3.00 Fall Survey of the changing nature of work in America, with emphasis on labor relations, unionization, and workplace discrimination.
SOC 422 - Formal Organizations 3.00 Spring Theories and research regarding large-scale organizations and their relations to the individual and society. 
** - Reserved for Entrepreneurship students only