Business Administration Elective Course Options

Course Name Units Description
ACCT 400 E - Intermediate Accounting for Business Administration Majors 3 Course Description: Accounting 400E is an intermediate accounting course for Business Administration majors. This course has two goals. First, students will gain more experience taking business transactions and aggregating them into financial statements. Second, students will learn what types of information about a firm's performance and its strategy can be inferred from reviewing its financial statements.
ECON 400 - Economic Strategy for Business Decisions 3 Course Description: The use of microeconomic analysis to formulate sound economic strategies for businesses of various types.
ENTR 420R - Innovation Principles and Environments  3 Course Description: Overview of entrepreneurial approach, strategies, and skills within a range of environments to advance technology and innovations. Students can pair ENTR 420R/520R with lab course to develop innovation-specific feasibility study or business plan.
FIN 460 - Real Estate Finance and Investment 3 Course Description: Investment analysis of real estate. Sources and costs of financing. Secondary markets and government programs.
MGMT 330 Introduction to Human Resource Management 3 Course Description: This course is designed to provide you with an understanding of human resource (HR) management. In addition to providing you with knowledge of HR management issues addressed by most managers, we will examine these issues from a broader organizational perspective.
MIS 478 - Project Management  3 Course Description: Project Management is the application of knowledge, analytical skills, scheduling software tools and techniques related to various project activities in order to meet project requirements. This course specifically addresses the nine project management "knowledge areas", the five project management "process groups" and the 4-way constraints of project management (i.e., scope, time, cost, quality). Graduate-level requirements include an additional term paper or team-based PM Project with a real organization.
MKTG 376 - Marketing Analytics 3 Course Description: Quantitative and analytical skills related to marketing; includes use of statistical packages and analysis with common marketing and financial metrics.