Business Economics and Economics Elective Course Options

  • Please note, not every class listed is currently available.
  • Also, please note students can only count 3 total units of courses designated with ** towards their major.
Course Name Units Semester Description
ECON 307 - Economic History of the United States 3 Fall & Spring Economic history of the United States from the colonial era to the present and what affected the changes in the U.S. economy.
ECON 308 - World Economic History 3 Fall & Spring The purpose of the class is to provide students with a firm understanding of the historical development of the economies of different parts of the world and the economy of the world as a whole.
ECON 313 - Economics of Futures Markets 3 Fall Commodity and financial futures market participants, evolution, functions, performance, price determination, and regulation with hedging and speculative applications of futures and futures-options contracts.
ECON 323 - Economics of Sports 3 Fall, Spring, Summer Analysis of the economics of professional and intercollegiate sports.
ECON 325 - Historical Development of Financial and Economic Institutions 3 Fall & Spring Historical development of securities markets. Topics include financial scandals, early origins of Wall Street, the Robber Barons, the Crash of 1929, up to the Enron crisis
ECON 338 - Law and Economics 3 Fall & Spring This course uses economic analysis to analyze the basic common law areas of property, contract, tort, and criminal law. Economic tools are used both to understand the basic structure of the law, and to suggest how the law might be made more efficient. The course assesses whether individuals or collective action (courts) are better for addressing market failures. Transaction costs and litigation costs (among other things) are crucial to the assessment.
ECON 340 - International Economics and Policy 3 Fall & Spring Normative and positive aspects of international trade and international monetary economics, with attention drawn to government policy as it relates to international commercial relations
ECON 342 - Economics of Latin America 3 Fall & Spring Analysis of the structure and development of Latin American economics.
ECON 371 - Economic Development 3 Summer Analysis of the economic development process of newly developing nations.
ECON 373 - Environmental Economics 3 Fall & Spring Analysis of current environmental problems and their potential solutions.
ECON 382 - Labor and Public Policy 3 Fall & Spring Economic and legal analysis of the issues and problems arising out of executive, legislative, and judicial efforts to define the rights, duties, and responsibilities of labor and management in the field of industrial relations.
**ECON 391 - Preceptorship 1-3 Fall & Spring Specialized work on an individual basis, consisting of instruction and practice in actual service in a department, program, or discipline. Teaching formats may include seminars, in-depth studies, laboratory work and patient study.
**ECON 393 - Internship  1-3 Fall, Spring, Summer Specialized work on an individual basis, consisting of training and practice in actual service in a technical, business, or governmental establishment.
**ECON 396H - Honors  3 Spring The development and exchange of scholarly information, usually in a small group setting. The scope of work shall consist of research by course registrants, with the exchange of the results of such research through discussion, reports, and/or papers.
ECON 406 - Introduction to Experimental Economics 3 Fall, Spring, Summer Lab experimental studies of economic behavior; applications to monopoly, bilateral bargaining, and competitive markets under various exchange rules; speculation, voting processes, public goods.
ECON 418 - Introduction to Econometrics 3 Fall & Spring Statistical methods in estimating and testing economic models; single and simultaneous equation estimation, identification, forecasting, and problems caused by violating classical regression model assumptions.
ECON 427 - Current Topics in Healthcare Economics and Policy  3 Fall & Spring This course uses the core principles and methods of health economics to analyze current important issues in healthcare economics & policy.
ECON 431 - Games and Decisions 3 Fall, Spring, Summer Introduction to decision theory and game theory and their application to various economic situations under conditions of complete and incomplete information.
ECON 435 - Public Sector Economics 3 Fall & Spring The influence of governmental revenue and expenditure decisions on resource allocation, income distribution, and aggregate economic performance.
ECON 436 - Behavioral Economics 3 Fall & Spring This course explores at both the theoretical and empirical levels how psychological insights can be incorporated into economic analysis.  Fundamental techniques building on game theory, experiments, and non-parametric statistics will be developed.
ECON 438 - Law and Economics 3 Spring The economic analysis of legal rules and institutions. The economics of the common law, constitutional law, and the legal process.
ECON 439 - Law, Statistics, and Economics 3 Spring The development and use of quantitative methods to determine appropriate economic damages that would be approved by the legal process.
ECON 440 - Behavioral Game Theory 3 Fall & Spring To introduce students to the exciting world of behavioral game theory, which brings concepts and ideas from psychology into the study of economics, to bear on situations where decision makers interact and influence each other as studied using game theory.
ECON 443 - International Trade Theory 3 Fall General equilibrium analysis of product and input markets of international trade, tariffs, commercial policy, and growth and the welfare aspects of each.
ECON 452 - Informational Economics and the Internet 3 Fall, Spring, Summer This course will use concepts and tools from microeconomics to analyze and help students understand the internet, electronic commerce, and other facets of information technology.
ECON  454 - Advanced Data Analytics and Modeling:  Advanced Quantitative Analysis for Economic Strategy 3 Spring The objective of the class is to develop advanced data handling, graphic visualization, and econometric methods that are used in the analysis of large/big economic and business datasets. Statistical software such as SAS will be used for statistical programming and data visualization. In addition, SQL programming may be used for data management (the accessing, cleaning, merging, and preparation of large datasets for analysis). 
ECON 460 - Industrial Organization 3 Fall, Spring, Summer Structure, conduct, and performance of American industry; governmental institutions and policies affecting business.
ECON 473 - Energy Markets and Environmental Economics 3 Spring Economic analysis of various markets for energy and the impact of energy production and consumption on the environment.
ECON 481 - Economics of Wage Determination 3 Spring Applications of economic theory and empirical methods to labor supply and demand, investment in human capital, minimum wages, union effects on relative wages, and labor market discrimination.
ECON 487 - New Venture Development and Industry Analysis 3 Fall Integration of marketing, production and management functions. Pro forma statements. Development of venture capital.
**ECON 498H - Honors Thesis 3 Fall, Spring, Summer An honors thesis is required of all the students graduating with honors. Students ordinarily sign up for this course as a two-semester sequence. The first semester the student performs research under the supervision of a faculty member; the second semester the student writes an honors thesis.
**ECON 499 - Independent Study  1-3 Fall, Spring, Summer Qualified students working on an individual basis with professors who have agreed to supervise such work.
**ECON 499H - Honors Independent Study  1-3 Fall, Spring, Summer Qualified students working on an individual basis with professors who have agreed to supervise such work.