Mission Statement

The Eller College of Management's Undergraduate Program is committed to building and maintaining working relationships with our students, faculty, recruiters, alumni, and volunteers predicated on mutual respect and responsibility.

We strive to nurture student success through innovation and value-added personalized programs. The following core competencies are emphasized within our program: knowledge, skills, ethical behavior, positive attitude, and creativity.


Curriculum: Ensure faculty have the collaborative tools, information and support necessary to provide a high quality education preparing students as business or public sector leaders

Community: Foster an environment where students value and participate in the Eller community and develop meaningful contact with faculty, staff, alumni, corporate representatives and fellow students.

Career: Encourage career exploration and experiential learning opportunities to enhance students' overall academic experience and to build their professional credentials resulting in excellent career opportunities and customized long-range post graduate planning.

Character: Exemplify and promote ethical behavior and instill in students an appreciation of social responsibility.

Academic Advising: Provide timely and accurate academic information to promote responsible planning and good decision-making.

Globalization: Promote international study and globalization of the curriculum.

Diversity: Commit to a comprehensive approach for the success and recognition of our outstanding multi-cultural students with extensive exposure to national corporate recruiters.

Leadership: Support and encourage students to participate in Eller College and University student organizations. In addition we will provide avenues for all students to interact with top leaders from the community.

Talent: Personalize honors tracks for select undergraduate students to promote academic challenge and quality interactions with peers.

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