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Innovative Faculty

Our faculty makes our college great! They are hardworking, dedicated and always willing to support our students endeavors. Just listen to what a couple of our top students have to say!

  • Dr. Suzanne Cummins
    ... most of the success is a result of your help.
  • Dr. Bill Schwartz
    Dr. Schwartz's class was challenging, but extremely rewarding.
  • Lehman Benson III
    In an age where students often complain about college professors who don’t care about their students, Professor Benson became the exception.
  • Dr. Sharon Garrison
    Dr. Garrison was the only person who made me feel that I was worthy of success.
  • Dr. Sandra Rothschild
    As the semester ends and I reflect on the one professor that has made an impact on my academic life...
  • Dr. Gail Fey
    you were truly a breath of fresh air this semester.

Suzanne CumminsDr. Suzanne Cummins

Dear Professor Cummins,

I hope that I haven't made your "flake list," I feel horrible for not getting in touch with you sooner, but want you to know that you are always in my thoughts and have made my experience at Eller a memorable one.

I wanted to give you an update on my work situation. I went through with the training program with the Giants. While I was completing it, I had the opportunity to meet with various executives. Many of them inquired about my speaker series work with Colangelo and Magowan; they were very impressed.

The Giants created a sales position for me, which deals with corporate clients who are interested in our venue as a location for whatever they wish; product launches, corporate parties, company meetings. Many times they want a baseball theme to go along with their event. I get to use the Giants players and alumni players as an option for appearances. I love it so far! It is challenging, but that is half the enjoyment!

I can't thank you enough for helping me get the speaker series going. I know that event definitely raised some eyebrows here, and most of the success of that is a result of your help.

Thanks again Professor Cummins! You are the greatest!

Best Regards,

Faham (May 2004 Graduate, Marketing Major)

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Bill SchwartzDr. Bill Schwartz

Dear Pam,

Thank you very much for having helped me enroll into the intermediate accounting course required by the corporate banking program at Wells Fargo. The enrollment experience was quick and easy.

I'd especially like to thank you for having suggested Dr. Bill Schwartz's accounting 400c class. Dr. Schwartz's class was challenging, but extremely rewarding. I would suggest that I learned as much, if not more, in Dr. Schwartz's class than in any one course I took at Notre Dame. He answered many questions I had from previous accounting courses in a manner that made sense in the "real world." I am confident that the U of A is sending quality financiers into the marketplace.

Aside from Dr. Schwartz's excellent teaching ability, his personal interaction with his students is exemplary. Dr. Schwartz is teaching his students accountability, self-discovery, and professionalism as is required in the business world today. Dr. Schwartz starts class with a comment on the whether or not the class is meeting his expectations and is quick to compliment the class of professional behavior. To help ease the tension of his difficult course he shares a humorous story, allowing us to know that he is no different than we are and he understands our challenges aside from accounting. Before tests, he gives his students encouraging words to help ease the anxiety of the situation.

Dr. Schwartz is an excellent teacher deserving accolades for his dedication to teaching accounting and producing capable financial minds to protect the marketplace.


Xavier Manrique

Dear Professor Schwartz:

This semester has been overwhelming for me as a first-semester cohort student, but thanks to your efficient teaching skills, ACCT 400C is one of the classes that I am doing well in; as a matter of fact, accounting becomes my favorite class in this semester.

ACCT 400C is a very hard-driven class, but I have enjoyed the time and effort I had put in for this class. As a Finance major, I feel that the knowledge I have gained from this class can definitely help me in my career in the future. The case study we discussed in class particularly helps me relate what I learn in class to what really happens in the real world – a practice I think most of my classes are lack of.

The critical thinking skills you teach us in class are also greatly appreciated. From my experience, most of my teachers do not ask students to think through the problems thoroughly; a lot of times their answers to my questions are “it is not going to be on the test.” In contrast, you have taught me to solve a problem with different approaches, and it has helped me to truly understand accounting. This is why ACCT 400C is the most difficult but also the most fascinating class I have ever had.

Once again, thank you for a great semester; although I doubt the possibility of being in your class again after this semester since I am a Finance major, hopefully you will remember me and greet me when we run into each other in McClelland!


Ellie Chang

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Lehman BensonLehman Benson III

Professor Benson is a charismatic and caring person who inspires the best out of his students.

I enjoy Professor Benson’s class because he uses humor to reach out to his students. His lectures are very engaging because Professor Benson is able to hold the student’s attention with his humor. Professor Benson also gives great real life examples during his lecturers that students can actually relate to. This makes the lecture material more animated and fun to study, instead of being just another chore that students have to perform.

In an age where students often complain about college professors who don’t care about their students, Professor Benson became the exception. His office hours are open to all students who wish to discuss about lecture materials or something that is bothering them in their personal life. The beauty of his class is that you not only learn about Organizational Behavior but you take away life lessons. It seems like every topic we cover in class, I can take it and apply it to my life somehow. Professor Benson also gives great advice due to his experience in many different fields. For example, my relationship with my long distance girlfriend was saved because Professor Benson made me realize that our goals, strategies, and values were in conflict. More importantly, Professor Benson is a great listener and he really shows that he cares.

Through Professor Benson’s teachings, he has inspired me to be a better student as well as a better person.

Chih Lin, Student

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Sharon GarrisonDr. Sharon Garrison and
Dr. Bill Schwartz

An Appreciative Lampoon of Dr. Garrison &
Dr. Schwartz

If business is war, then Eller’s first semester cohort is business boot camp. For this cadet, life over the last four months has been shaped through the idiosyncrasies of two key figures. This good-cop/bad-cop duo, which has so judiciously acclimatized me to cohort life, consists of Drill Sergeant William C. Schwartz and head of the infirmary, Dr. Sharon H. Garrison.

As the academic bombardment began, even the most astute student was bound to be hit by some financial shrapnel. To lie down or give in during the first few weeks of training, however, meant ridicule or even discharge. It also meant no 412 or 421 next semester. No, a cadet who wanted success stomached the pain and followed orders. “Get back out there”, Sergeant Schwartz would yell after slapping you upside the head with a standard issue accounting manual. “I don’t care whether it’s the bazooka, the tank, or the F-16,” he would bellow, “it’s all the same as the hand gun you learned to use in chapter three.”

Eventually though, cadets who survived hell month were allowed to visit the infirmary without embarrassment. It was there that this cadet met Dr. Garrison; a beacon of hope, solace, and guidance in an otherwise ruthless training camp. Dr. Garrison was the only person who made me feel that I was worthy of success. Even after knowing me for only a few weeks, Dr. Garrison put her reputation on the line by recommending me to the head of another department as a promising candidate for a highly restricted double major. She also asked me to be the sole preceptor for her online Introduction to Finance course; a position of abundant autonomy. I am honored that she sees promise in me and I will make every effort to live up to her expectations.

Sergeant Schwartz set this semester’s trainees up, and then knocked them down. Then he set us up, and knocked us down. And each time, as Dr. Garrison performed financial triage, she always gave me priority, quickly helped to bandage my wounds, and provided the motivation I needed for my diurnal return to the 400c barracks.

Thank you Dr. Garrison for having faith in me, being patient, and providing encouragement during times of struggle; even if you didn’t realize you were doing it.

And even though I hated the process, thank you Dr. Schwartz for toughening me up in preparation for the merciless and unforgiving world of business warfare.


Justin Rigney

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Sandra RothschildDr. Sandra Rothschild

Professor Sandra Rothschild,

In all honesty, the most consistent complaint I’ve voiced the entire semester at Eller has been that “Nothing is ever good enough for Professor Rothschild!” As the semester ends and I reflect on the one professor that has made an impact on my academic life, it is ironically the same Professor that has frustrated me more than any other.

The complaint I have voiced is in fact a compliment to the quality of work you demand from each student. Your reluctance to accept anything less than what I was ultimately capable of led me to complete what I consider the course that will best prepare me for life after The University of Arizona.

Several times throughout this semester I have visited your office so that I could get a stronger grasp of certain communication concepts. Although I did not schedule appointments and it was not your normal office hours, you would make yourself available to answer any of my questions and calm my concerns.

As I leave Eller I feel confident in my business communication abilities and know that you have played an integral role in the development of these crucial skills. Thank you for your charismatic classroom presence, your demanding requirements, and the availability of your guidance throughout this difficult semester.


Katherine Ringgold

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Dr. Gail Fey

Gail –

For your first year teaching, you have done an excellent job, especially being at the college level. You were honest, sincere and always followed up with items. I really appreciate how you listened to my fellow team members and I time and time again regarding our problems and issues. I can tell that your corporate experience at IBM was very influential in your teaching this semester and it served you well.

Now that you have your feet wet, you are going to become an excellent professor, mentor and friend to many other students down the road. Your knowledge and experience captivated me and my Corporate America feelings that when I do join the workforce I will have enough tools and weapons to wade in the shark infested waters due to your advice and guidance.

Overall, thank you Gail; you were truly a breath of fresh air this semester. Have a great holiday season and I will keep in touch and stop by your office.

Again, thank you!

David Molite

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